Arthritis Pain means Joint Pain

What is Arthritis Pain?
Arthritis is defined as:

arthritis ar·thri·tis (är-thri'tis) 
n. pl. ar·thrit·i·des (-thrit'i-dez')

arthro- means pertaining to a joint
-itis   indicates inflammation






Arthritis is...

Arthritis is simply inflammation of a joint or joints resulting in pain and swelling. It may or may not involve an injury or real damage to the joint.

Arthitis Pain may affect
any joint in your body.

It could be in the joints of your fingers or toes, or your knees or hips, it could be the little facet joints in your low back or in your neck. 

It can be from any cause, such as trauma, infection or autoimmune disease to name a few. It can result from anything that damages a joint. 

Everyone that lives long enough
will know the joint pain of arthritis.

Any joint can become arthritic and many of them do. Few people will go through life without knowing the pain of arthritis at some time in their lives. 

Severe arthritic changes
at the base of a big toe.

Image thanks to J.Lengerke, via Wikimedia Commons


When You Stop and Think About 
What Causes Your Arthritis Pain

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What does arthritis feel like?

It feels like Pain, Pain, and Pain with stiffness and swelling

There are many different causes and types of arthritis. There are many different degrees of arthritis pain. Some people will have a mild case while other people may have a severe case. The one symptom that ties theme all together is pain. 

Anything that can damage the joint can cause it to become arthritic, and joints can become damaged in many different ways. 

Your joints are lubricated by synovial fluid.

All of your joints are enclosed in a capsule, the joint capsule. The joint surfaces are covered with a special type of cartilage with a very smooth surface. The joint capsule also contains a slippery lubricating fluid called synovial fluid. 

When you are 16 years old the surfaces of your joints are smooth and shiny allowing all of your joints to move painlessly and everything is good. 

Then life happens.

Arthritis Causes and Joint Pain

It Could Begin as a Child,

It might begin with a fall from your bicycle or while running. Anytime the two joint surfaces in your knee are banged against each other they can become dented or chipped.

Then as they rub against each other over the years they begin to wear and eventually the cartilage wears thin or wears out completely. 

Or with an Infection.

It might start with bacteria that finds its way into your ankle and causes an infection.

The infection with all of the inflammation and swelling damages the cartilage. It may become soft and mushy causing it to quickly wear away. 

Maybe it is Your Metabolism

Perhaps your diet and your metabolism are such that your body creates large amounts or uric acid.

When there is a high concentration of uric acid in your joints it can form into hundreds of sharp needle-like crystals that damage the cartilage.

Pain and Swelling of an Arthritic Knee

Image thanks to CDC, via Wikimedia Commons

Arthritis Pain

Many different situations can lead to arthritis pain. It can occur at any age and the pain may be severe and crippling or it may be mild and barely noticeable.

Can be Sharp and Stabbing or Aching or Barely Noticeable

The pain may be sharp and stabbing with motion of the joint. A weight bearing joint such as your knee or hip may have severe arthritis pain with walking or standing. It may be better with sitting or rest. 

Arthritic joints in your back might be worse with bending or twisting, or rolling over in bed. Joint pain in your neck may be worse when you tilt your head back and look up at the ceiling. 

Worse with too much Activity

Your pain may be worse when you first get out of bed in the morning. Then, it will sometimes get a little better after you are up and around for awhile. 

However, too much activity can make your pain worse.

Worse with too much Activity

Your pain may be worse when you first get out of bed in the morning. Then, it will sometimes get a little better after you are up and around for awhile. 

However, too much activity can make your pain worse.

It is all about Damage to the Cartilage
and Inflammation

Inflammation and the inflammatory chemicals bring fluid into the joint and make the nerves very sensitive. This is what causes the swelling and pain of arthritis. 

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