Back and Abdominal Pain

Do You Know What is Causing Your Pain?

Learning about the causes of your back and abdominal pain helps you decide what to do about it. When you see a doctor you are better able to understand the treatment options and be involved in the decisions regarding your care.






"three possibilities"

When you are having back pain and abdominal pain, there are three possibilities to consider.

1) You may have an abdominal condition causing pain radiating to your back.

2) You may have a back condition radiating pain to your abdomen.

3) You may have a problem with something in your abdomen, and a problem with something in your back and they are completely unrelated.

The abdomen and pelvis contain multiple organs and organ systems. Infections, diseases and any other problems that may occur, within any of these systems, have the potential to cause back and abdominal pain. They could cause upper, mid, or lower back pain.

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Some of the possibilities would include:

> Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm
> Bladder Infection
> Kidney Stones
> Kidney Infection
> Polycystic Kidney Disease
> Adhesions followin abdominal surgery

> Pancreatitis
> Gall Bladder Disease
> Ulcerative Colitis
> Crohn’s Disease
> Cervical Cancer
> Tuberculosis

"some of these are very serious conditions"

The list of possible causes of back pain with abdominal pain is far too extensive, and the evaluation too varied for me to cover here.

Back pain from your kidneys is discussed on my page about Kidney Back Pain. Aortic aneurysms are discussed on my page about Lower Back Pain.

The Most Important Point

The most important point that you must realize, is that some of these are very serious conditions. Others are less serious, but all of these require immediate evaluation by your doctor.

To delay evaluation, delays treatment, and any delay in treatment can lead to a worse outcome, including the possibility of permanent impairment or even death. So get in to see your doctor immediately.

"The list of back or spine conditions..."

The list of back or spine conditions that can cause back radiating to your abdomen is more limited, than the list of abdominal problems that can cause pain radiating to the back.

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