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You can find back pain help. There are many different situations and conditions that can develop within the human body and within your spine that can cause back pain.

The more you know about your condition, and the better you understand your treatment options, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions regarding your care.

We will answer your questions as best we can, and we can get input from other visitors. But remember, this is only a website to provide you with more information, this is not a doctors office. Nothing can replace an evaluation by your doctor.






What is Your Back Pain Question?

Everyone who is living with back pain has a different situation that they are trying to deal with. We are all unique individuals, but we are all searching for better ways to deal with our pain. By asking questions and sharing answers we can all benefit. Find out what is working for other people and learn what will work for you.

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Scoliosis Pain. 
Description of problem is in the attached specialists report below, I had the decompression surgery in December 2017, which has not made any difference …

Cervical Radiculopathy 
I have herniated discs in my neck that cause a severe nerve pain down my left arm. Its so very cold, like I have no blood flow. Same goes for my lower …

I was diagnosed with colon cancer and for 3 days I have had middle back pain  
I am a hairstylist and have colon cancer.I have never had back pain before. It started with pain under my left breast, now that is gone but have back pain …

Kidney Location 
I am having pain in the middle of my back on the right side for the past 2 weeks. What could it be? Brenda =================== Hi Brenda, sorry …

I need a good sciatica treatment.  
I have been a truck driver for 30 years and never had a problem but in the last six months I have started having pain in my left buttock whenever I drive …

Is accupuncture helpful for scapular pain? 
I have been having this pain for almost 2 months, located in my right upper back. This pain feels like a constant pressure with occasional sharp shoulder …

Pain after spinal stenosis surgery 
I had spinal decompression surgery the fifth of June this year; I had a microdiscectomy in the L4-L5. I am not in too much pain but still have pain when …

Lower back Bulging Disc/Degenerative Disc Disease and Upper Back Pain 
I have a disk problem in the lower back, why does my upper back hurt the most? I go to a chiropractor every month because of upper back pain, and it …

Heart Lungs Back Pain? 
Would pulmonary hypertension cause back pain?(Only at night) I am scheduled to have procedure next month to correct a hole in my heart. I have been …

Severe Back Pain and MRI Interpretation 
Should I be in this much pain according to my MRI result? I'm 33 years old have been an active runner for about 5 years. I have always been a skier …

Exhausting Diabetic Neuropathy and Sciatic Nerve Pain 
I have leg pain. It’s caused from the sheathing of my spine being compressed. It hurts every second of every day. Nothing soothes it other than my pain …

How can I get relief off my low back pain and associated neuro problem? Few details are given below. 
I am a 35 years old man. In March 2009 I received an injury in my low back due to lifting weight in awkward position. Then I went for medical treatment …

How is sciatica pain different than back pain? 
I have pain on the right side of my back and it shoots down toward my buttock. When I try to bend it hurts really bad. I can't do my housework or take …

Aren't there any natural pain relievers that I can use for my back-pain? I am tired of going to doctors. They just want to refer me to a specialist or …

I had Spinal Stenosis Surgery and my back still hurts can you help me? 
I had back surgery six months ago for spinal stenosis and my back still hurts. What can I do? They did surgery on my L4 and L5 vertebrae to remove bone …

Back Pain Help 
Hi, my name is Melanie and I need back pain help. I am 29 years old. I have had back pain for 2 years. I went to a private doctor in the beginning but …

Back Pain in Pregnancy 
Why am I having back pain so early in my pregnancy?I just found out I am pregnant. How can my back be hurting so soon? Could something else be going on? …

Kidney Back Pain Exercises 
What exercises can I do for kidney back pain? My doctor told me that I have a kidney infection and gave me some antibiotics but my back still hurts. What …

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What Would You Like to Know?

80% of people will have back pain at some time in their life. People looking for back pain help is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits.

The anatomy of the human spine is complex, it is composed of 24 bones or vertebra stacked on top of one another, and held together by ligaments and muscles. The spinal cord runs down through the center of each vertebra, in the spinal canal, and there are nerves that come out at each level. There are many ways that problems may develop causing pain or other difficulties such as numbness or weakness. 

"Pressure on the nerves"

Among the most common causes of back pain is muscular pain related to posture, deconditioning, or overuse. You can have arthritic back pain from degenerative changes in the joints and intervertebral discs. Pressure on the nerves from stenosis or other conditions may cause back pain that radiates into the lower extremities.

You may have pain that is felt in the back, but is really not related to your back at all. Diseases or other conditions of the abdominal organs such as your stomach, gall bladder, or aorta may cause pain that is felt in the back. Lung cancer, pleurisy, or other ailment related to your lungs may cause upper back pain. Kidney stones or other kidney problems can cause mid or low back pain.

"not always easy to identify"

Many different situations and conditions can cause pain in your back, and the exact cause or pain generator is not always easy to identify.

Your spine is not like a motor where you can take it apart and look at all the pieces and say "Oh, well there's the problem".

When the Problem is not Clear

Sometimes finding the right treatment requires a little bit of trial and error, before you find the right answer.

When the exact diagnosis is unclear, back pain treatment plans should always start with the least invasive therapies that might help.

Least Invasive First

Physical therapy with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises is often helpful.

A skilled therapist can often provide back pain help by recommending specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances, improve your range of motion.

"can cause side effects"

Medications can sometimes be helpful but they all can cause side effects, and you can have an allergic or other reaction to any medication, so they should all be used under the supervision of your doctor.

Anti-inflammatories can help to relieve pain and swelling from arthritis or a muscle strain. Muscle relaxers may help to alleviate painful muscle cramps and spasm. Strong narcotic pain medicines can help to relieve more severe pain.

"helping to identify exactly what is causing your pain"

Some types of back pain help may also help diagnose your condition. Injection therapies with local anesthetic or steroid medications may be useful in some situations. These treatments may be therapeutic and provide long lasting relief. They may also be diagnostic by helping to identify exactly what is causing your pain.

You May Want to Consider Fusion

For instance, if you are complaining of back and hip pain, your doctor may inject local anesthetic into the hip joint.

If your pain is relieved, you have identified your hip joint as the pain generator. If your pain is not relieved, you may need to consider that the pain may be coming from your back.

Surgical fusion can be helpful to stabilize your spine if there is excessive motion. Surgery can also help by removing bone spurs or disc material that is causing pain or weakness by pressing on a nerve.



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