Back Pain - Lower Right Side
Unrelated to Your Spine

Other Possible Causes of Back Pain on Your Lower Right Side. 
Kidneys? Gallbladder? Liver? Female Organs?

If you suspect that you have a bladder or kidney infection or kidney stones causing the back pain on your lower right side ask yourself:

Have you had any fevers or chills? 

Any pain or odor with urination? 

Have you had excessive fatigue? 

Are you urinating more than usual? 






If you think you are having problems with your kidneys you need to be seen by your doctor. He may order blood work and a urinalysis to check for infection. A 24 hr urine collection will check the function of your kidneys.

If you are having any kidney stone symptoms imaging studies can be done with an ultrasound exam to check for kidney stones.

If you have an infection he will give you antibiotics. If he thinks there is something more serious going on with your kidneys, he may also give you medicine to lower your blood pressure, and refer you to a nephrologist for further evaluation.

If you think the back pain on your lower right side is caused by your gallbladder ask yourself :

Is your pain affected by what you eat?

Does a fatty meal make it worse?

How long do your attacks last?

Have you tried modifying your diet?


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Could it be Your Gallbladder?

If you think something is wrong with your gallbladder you need to be seen by your doctor. Your gallbladder can be evaluated with an ultrasound exam. If you are found to have gallstones, many times they can be managed with a modified diet. If this is ineffective, surgery may be necessary. Using modern techniques your gallbladder can be removed laparoscopically, and you generally go home the same day.

Sometimes for acute symptoms an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or ERCP is ordered. This special test uses dye to tell if the ducts leaving the gall bladder or pancreas are blocked and causing pancreatitis, and to check for other disease conditions. Depending on what the study shows, sometimes the problem can be relieved with instruments through the scope.

If you drink a lot or have in the past you need to consider your liver :

How often do you drink alcohol?

How much alcohol do you drink?

Do you ever drink alcohol in the morning?

How much alcohol do your parents drink?

If there are any possible problems with your liver they need to be discussed with your doctor. Your liver can be evaluated with an ultrasound exam, or in some cases a needle biopsy may be ordered. The biopsy would get a small piece of tissue to examine under a microscope.

If you think you may have problems with your female organs ask yourself :

Do you have irregular menstrual periods?

Or excessive bleeding during your periods?

How many pregnancies?..How many live births?..How many abortions?

Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?

If you are concerned about any female problems causing your back pain on your lower right side you need to see a gynecologist for a complete evaluation. The specialist will do a pelvic exam, Pap smear, and possibly a uterine biopsy if indicated.

Further assessment could include imaging of the ovaries with an ultrasound exam, or a laparoscopic inspection, to check the fallopian tubes, and to find any signs of endometriosis.

Another consideration is appendicitis, occasionally this can cause back pain on your lower right side. If you have appendicitis you may have tenderness to deep pressure on the lower right side of your abdomen. You may have constipation and nausea. The pain will get worse when you walk. If you think you have appendicitis it is important that you see the doctor right away. If your doctor cannot see you, go to the emergency room.

"begin a moderate exercise program"

In conclusion, if the back pain on your lower right side is mild, and it does not prevent you from working and performing your normal daily activities, you may choose to simply monitor your symptoms. You may want to begin a moderate exercise program to promote weight loss, and general well being.

But if your problem is more severe, if it prevents normal activities, it is important that you see your doctor for evaluation. He can rule out serious or life threatening conditions, and get you into a treatment program that will help you return to a full and active life. Early detection is always the key to successful treatment.

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