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Here is the Latest Back Pain News


We are not alone in our battles living with chronic pain.

1 in 5 Canadians struggles with Chronic Pain


New medications are coming online to treat pain.

Teva, Purdue and Pfizer race ahead with new pain drugs


You can help prevent back pain in your children

Parents can take steps to limit back pain in children




Your Posture Always Matters

Use Proper Posture to Reduce Back Pain at Work




Here is an interesting concept. Has anyone tried any of these? We need a review.

Health: Clothing To Reduce Back Pain

Pain During Pregnancy

These All Natural

Homeopathic Treatments will

always make a difference 

Discover what You can do Today!!


Learn More About How Pilates Can Help

Muscling in to treat back pain


Tips for Preventing Back Pain while Riding in the Car

Degree of comfort on graduation trips


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A good night's sleep can help relieve back pain.

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Treat Your Pain Naturally

Finding Arthritis Pain Relief  
Consider Your Options for Arthritis Pain

Laughter Therapy 
Find out what laughter can do for You.



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    My Chair

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