Which Back Pain Treatments Really Don'tWork?

Finding the best back pain treatments for you is difficult enough, you don't need charlatans, used car salesman, and pitchmen presenting claims for treatment that can never work.






Understand Your Diagnosis

Before any back pain treatment can be effective, it has to be the correct treatment for your problem. So, before you can begin considering different treatments you need to understand your diagnosis, and what is causing your pain.

Talk to your doctor, buy a book, or look it up on the World Wide Web. Google, Wikipedia, and websites like Living with Back Pain can have a wealth of information that is easy for you to access. Just beware of the claims made and the information available on sites that are trying to sell you stuff.

Many of these products, potions, and treatments are designed only as a way to gain access to your wallet. They may make fabulous claims designed to appeal to desperate people, or they may try to confuse you with scientific mumbo jumbo.

When you understand your diagnosis, and understand what any particular treatment is supposed to do, you should be able to understand how it will help to relieve your pain. It may help to discuss any treatments you're considering with your doctor.

Realistic Expectations

You must have realistic expectations of how much relief you can get from any back pain treatment. You can discuss this with your doctor to find out if anything can reasonably be expected to make your pain go away completely.

While it would be nice to find a treatment that would make your pain go away completely and make you 16 years old again. In most cases that is an unreasonable expectation. Suspect anyone that promises you 100% relief.

Reasonable and responsible back pain treatments do not promise you a fountain of youth, or to make you pain free. The goal of most sensible treatment programs is to help you control your pain and make it so you can live your life and do the things that you want to do.

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Time Tested But Poorly Understood Back Pain Treatments

Many effective treatments have been around for a long time, but have never been well studied, so no one knows exactly why they work. Such as chicken noodle soup which has just recently been found to have ingredients that help to relieve the symptoms of a cold.

Certain herbal medications such as grape seed extract, devils claw, and willow bark have been found to have anti-inflammatory effects that can be useful for relieving the pain of arthritis.

Acupuncture for back pain is a treatment that is not well understood by western medicine, but people have been practicing acupuncture or thousands of years so it appears that it must have some benefit for certain people.

Meditation can be helpful for relieving pain and really doesn't change anything except your state of mind. The best pain management tool that we have is our brain, and learning to use it effectively will help you control pain and enjoy your life.

Things to keep in mind when evaluating any treatment:

Beware of extreme claims that seem unreasonable.

Beware of people who stand to make money from you using their product or treatment.

Find a doctor or other health care professional that you can talk to and that you trust.

Which treatments should you try?

Many treatments, especially old home type remedies, can be very effective for some people. They don't get to be old home remedies by never working for anyone.

Talk to friends and family. Find out what has worked for them. It may not be the correct treatment for your diagnoses, and may not be worthwhile for you. You can at least be sure that it is from a reliable source, and really has worked for somebody. If it seems like it might fit your situation it might be worth trying.

Everything Works for Someone

Exercises and therapies that you can do on your own or with minimal instruction can be useful for some people. In general, exercise is always good as long as you don't overdo. It can strengthen muscles, stimulate endorphins, and increase your endurance.More advanced exercises may need to be supervised.

Many of you have tried many different back pain treatments over the years. Please share your experiences with us. We can all benefit by learning what has worked for others, and what has turned out to be a waste of time.

Which Treatments Work?

Which Treatments Don't?

Does Anything Really Help?

With so many different machines, and chairs, and other back pain treatments making so many claims; and so many reports and studies and advertising pitchmen telling you that they can make your back pain disappear...and blah, blah, blah.

How do you really know who to believe?

Has anyone found anything that really works?

Please don't keep it to yourself. Use the form below to let the rest of us know what works for you. Or, if you are like the rest of us, tell us what hasn't worked.

What has been a waste of time and money? What seemed to help a little? What has worked in the past? We are all searching.

Read below what others have found.

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