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Back pain treatments will vary from bedrest to
major back pain surgery, depending on your diagnosis.

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Learning the best pain treatments begins with learning about the causes of back pain. Laser spinal surgery or the treatment for spinal stenosis is different than the treatment for piriformis syndrome.

Evaluation by a back pain specialist will help to avoid the frustration of ineffective treatments, and the risk of harm from inappropriate treatment for back pain.






When You see Your Doctor

When you do go into see your back pain doctor, the more you know about what is causing your pain, and the more you understand about the treatment options, the more you can participate in the decisions regarding your care.

If you are looking for natural back pain relief, considering medications, or planning laser spinal surgery, it is your body and you need to be involved in deciding what will happen to it.

"Invasive vs. Non-invasive"

Back pain treatments can generally be divided into two categories, non-invasive and invasive procedures.

Non-invasive treatments for back pain, such as, spinal decompression therapy, natural remedies for arthritis, herbal remedies for lower back pain, exercises for back pain, and inversion therapy, are often very effective and the risk of complications is low.

Aerobic exercise, with its production of endorphins, can also be very effective in the management of back pain.

"the risk of complications increases"

Invasive treatments would include injections, endoscopic spinal surgery, and laser spinal surgery, along with more invasive open surgeries and surgery with instrumentation.

As you begin to consider more invasive surgeries, the risk of complications increases.

When considering the list of appropriate treatments for your diagnosis, experienced back pain specialists such as doctors and surgeons will begin with the most conservative treatment that he thinks is likely to produce some benefit.

Considering the Risks and Benefits

When thinking about treatments for back pain, it is important to also consider the risks and benefits of those treatments. All back pain treatments have risks, even the most conservative.  

Using anti-inflammatories increases your risk of internal bleeding.  Even something as simple and seemingly safe as bed rest increases the risk of blood clots in your legs.

The risks of a certain treatment for back pain must be weighed against the possible benefits of that treatment.

Before Proceeding

When the conservative back pain treatments have been exhausted, and you have severe pain, sometimes the risks of a major invasive surgery are worth the benefits.  

If that is the only way that you will ever get any relief from the pain and limitation that is keeping you from living your life.

All of this is not to say that you should have, or that you should not have any particular back pain treatment or procedure.

The point is, you should know and consider all of the risks and benefits before proceeding. 

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Surgical Treatments

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Inversion Therapies

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