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April 05, 2016

"Yes You Can"
Living with Back Pain Newsletter

Hi Everyone,
My name is Dave and I run the website at Just like you, I am living with back pain and have been for many years. I started his website to try and help people, like myself, who are living with pain that will never go away.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Another Edition of "Yes You Can", #0016

Well, here it is another edition of "Yes You Can". This month in the tough talk section we are talking more about pain as an emotion and I think I make a pretty good case that you really can use your brain to control your pain..............if you want to.

For a distraction this month we carry that line of thinking to use emotions and emotional subjects to make distractions more effective (and sexy).

From the web would bring you an article on exercises that can help relieve back pain along with notes about exercises that can make your pain worse.

The latest from living-with-back is a series that gives you all of the information you need to understand a herniated disc.

I hope you enjoy it.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Tough Talk About a Tough Problem

Yeah, Pain is an Emotion, Let's work with that

I want to continue the discussion of pain as an emotion. I have been thinking a lot about the concept and it is kind of starting to make more sense to me.

Try and follow my thinking. See if you agree.

Stress and anxiety are emotions that cause suffering. Stress and anxiety are negative emotions. They make pain worse. That is pretty widely accepted.

Other negative emotions also make pain worse. Sadness, Fear, Frustration, Despair, Envy, Self Doubt, Grief, Shame, Guilt. Absolutely, they all make pain worse.

Maybe they ARE pain. Maybe they are the difference between a sensation and pain.

Think about it. There is the sensation moving up the nerve to your brain. That is objective. That is something you can measure. Something you can prove. But, it is only a sensation until your brain and your emotions transform it into pain.

.................Or Not

What if your brain does something different? What if your brain applies a different emotion? What if you color that sensation with a positive emotion? Happiness? Hope? Gratitude? Desire? Euphoria? Pride?

These positive emotions do not need be related to the sensation or to the discomfort. A positive emotion will paint whatever you are feeling and make it more positive. Or less Negative. It will make your discomfort not so uncomfortable.

The stronger the emotion (positive or negative) the more influence it will have on what you are feeling.

You can control your emotions. Yes, you absolutely can. The naysayers will say I can't do that or I won't do that, or that won't work for me. And you know what? They are probably right.

If they won't even try to use their brain. If they can't try and be happy. If they can't find anything to be thankful for. If they can't think of anything to hope for. If they can't see anything to be thankful for.

If they won't put forth the mental effort to change their emotions and what they are feeling. Then that is on them. If they say, "That won't work for me.", I guess they are right. But it is their decision and they can't blame anyone else for their situation.

What is the down side?

What is so bad about feeling good? Why would you not want to be happy? Or hopeful? Or Thankful? Why would you not want to be positive?

Yes, you can make yourself happy. You most certainly can.

Go stand in front of a mirror and make the corners of your mouth turn up. Make yourself smile. Who cares if you don't feel like it. Go do it.

Now make yourself laugh. Outloud. Haha haha haha. Louder and with feeling. From your belly. Ahahaha

There now doesn't that make you feel better?

Oh, I know the sensation is still there. That is never going away. But, don't you feel better about it? Isn't it a little more tolerable when you are happy? Aren't you a little more comfortable when you are positive?

This is why laughter therapy works for people that put in the effort.

This is why prayer helps people manage their discomfort.

A hopeful positive attitude colors every aspect of your life.
Why not be happy when it makes everything better?

People must choose to suffer or choose to be happy. Which will you choose?

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


What Is In A Distraction?

Like everything else, Some Distractions are Better than Others

It is the same kind of thing that we have discussed in the past, focusing your brain on something besides your discomfort pushes it into the background and allows you to be more comfortable.

Dr. Hamid Hekmat, professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin has found that some particular distractions work better than others.

When more emotion that is attached to a distraction it creates a better distraction.

Dr. Hekmat says "A positive emotional thought of any type will function as a dampening effect on pain."

He found that fantasizing about food and sexual fantasies were the most effective and allowed the test subjects to tolerate more pain.

Daydreaming about sex and food. Where is the downside in that?

You can read more about Dr. Hekmat and his research at In Pain? Your Favorite Food May Get You Through It

Well that is my distraction for this month.
How much pain relief do you really want?
How much effort are you willing to put forth?

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest from the Web

This informative article reviews many of the best exercises for strengthening your back and relieving back pain. They also review several popular exercises that are not good for your back. This is worth your time to take a look.

The Best and Worst Exercises for Back Pain

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest News from

This latest set of web pages reviews the facts about herniated discs. Causes, symptoms, and other important details, including some red flags to watch for.

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Understanding the Anatomy

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Activities that Increase Your Risk

Herniated Disc Facts Ch3
What happens when a Disc Herniates?

Herniated Disc Facts Ch4
When Pressing on a Nerve Causes more than Pain

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Well, that is it for this month.

Remember, you really can use your brain to control your pain. It takes practice and may not work real well for very long in the beginning. But if you keep trying and if you keep practicing you can make your life better.

Shoot me an e-mail at and let me know what you think. Good or bad I read them all. Stay busy and enjoy your life because "Yes You Can" have the life you want.


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