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"Yes You Can" Live the Life You Want
November 01, 2014

"Yes You Can"
Living with Back Pain Newsletter

Hi Everyone,
My name is Dave and I run the website at Just like you, I am living with back pain and have been for many years. I started his website to try and help people, like myself, who are living with pain that will never go away.

I have recently returned to working more hours at work and it does not seem to make much difference in how much my back hurts. I thought cutting back on my hours might make things better but that did not make much difference either.

My work is such a great distraction, working closely with so many people during the day that I don't notice my pain much. But when I get home and try to relax is when my pain is worse and I pay the price for the day’s activities.

I am sure that you all know what I mean. It just is what it is.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


The Seventh Edition of "Yes You Can"., #0007

Well, here it is the seventh edition of "Yes You Can". We start off with a new topic this month "Tough Talk About a Tough Problem". I want to give everyone some tips about living with chronic pain that shoot straight to the point.

Those of you who are having difficulty facing and accepting your chronic pain may not like what I have to say; but I hope it will help you accept your situation and move on with your life.

Another great "Distraction" this month. Even though it is not new this is something that many people use to take a break from their chronic pain. It does take the effort and intelligence but if you are willing to do the work it can open up whole new worlds for you.

From the Internet this month we have an article about "cupping". This ancient Chinese technique is finding new popularity among celebrities and other people with chronic pain. It seems that everything that's old is new again.

The latest new web page from Living with Back Pain has everything you need to know about Frozen Shoulders and how to prevent them.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Tough Talk About a Tough Problem

"The pain is all in your head"

Well, okay maybe not all in your head.

What I am trying to say is the "terrible" in "terrible pain" is all in your head. The "horrible" in "horrible pain" is between your ears.

It is the misery and suffering that happens in your head.

You may have some horrible deformity, or xrays that clearly show past injuries so that no one questions your pain. Or maybe, all of the lab tests, MRIs, and other studies have been negative; maybe the doctors have told you they don't know why you are having pain.

In either case, and in all cases, whether you are having a little pain or extreme pain, the anguish and suffering comes from your brain.

The pain is just a nerve signal traveling along the nerve up to your brain. It is how your brain reacts to the pain that makes it "HORRIBLE and MISERABLE", or "only annoying".

You make the call. You decide which it will be.

The Problem is in Your Head

When you are living with chronic pain the problem is in your head. The problem is not the pain. The problem is how you process the pain. How you think about the pain. How you deal with the pain.

Life happens. Stuff happens. Pain happens, but you must choose to suffer.

Treat Your Depression and Anxiety

Anybody who is living with chronic pain is at risk for developing anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are both like a magnifying glass on pain.

A minor pain that you would normally ignore, when you get depressed it turns into a huge weight, and your pain turns into misery.

Even if you don't think you have any depression or anxiety it is a good idea to see a mental health counselor or other mental health professional. They will ask you a few questions and possibly identify symptoms that you did not recognize.

What is the worst that could happen? You might feel a little better? Your pain medicine may work a little better? Your pain might be a little more controlled?

When you are living with chronic pain you need to use all available tools to help you live your life. It may not be exactly the life you expected but it is the life you got.

You need to get busy and make it the best life you can.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


What Is In A Distraction?

Your brain is the best pain management tool that you have. It can work for you, or it can work against you. It can make your pain horrible and overwhelming, so severe that you can barely breathe, and if not controlled it can ruin your life.

Your brain can also ignore the pain, minimize the discomfort, and give you a great life. It is up to you to choose. It really is that simple.

Read a Book

Find a book that interests you and make the time to sit and read it. The world is full of interesting topics. The Internet is an endless source of ideas. Your local library covers a wide variety of subjects.

I don't know what you might be interested in but I'm sure there is something and you need to find it.

When I say read, I don't mean casually flip through the pages, I mean you must read it. You must really get involved and think about whatever it is your reading. This takes some effort and concentration but it is something that you must do if you want to push your pain into the background.

Here are some ideas:

Read real history. Many people might think history is boring but there are many well written, colorful, and exciting books about many different historical subjects. If you read the details and imagine that you were there these subjects can be as interesting and engaging as you make them.

The Emperor Genghis Khan conquering Asia with his vast armies.

The United States Civil War with all of the drama between friends and families.

Families traveling across the United States in covered wagons to a new life in Oregon or California.

The Potato Famine that devastated Ireland and forced many people to immigrate to America.

Try an Exotic New Recipe. Awhile back I was trying to learn how to cook pizza on the grill. That was a fun and interesting distraction but I had to stop because I was gaining too much weight. I would suggest that you try some recipes without so many calories.

Learn how to prepare octopus. Looking at recipes and imagining how they might taste and then finding the octopus to buy sounds like an interesting adventure.

Find some interesting ways to cook shrimp or some other favorite food. Just like any other distraction, you will get out exactly what you put in, literally. :)

Learn about 'shrooms. There are many different mushrooms with a wide variety of flavors learn how to incorporate those in your daily cooking.

Discover sushi. Sushi is easy to make at home and the ingredients are simple. Spend time reading and researching the possibilities and then collect the ingredients to make whatever sounds good to you.

Let fiction writers take you into a whole new world. Good fiction writers used such wonderful descriptions that you are transported into their world. You do need some quiet time to focus on what they are saying but it can be worth the effort.

Reading about Sea Captains and pirates fighting great battles on the open sea.

Study Captain Ahab and his search for the white whale and other literary classics.

Learn about lost loves and lives and pining for past lovers.

Travel with explorers as they discover new lands or travel into outer space.

These are just some examples off the top of my head. You will need to find subjects that interest you and can hold your attention.

Your mind can take you anywhere you want to go and it can take you away from your pain, at least for a while. Just like everything else, the more effort you put into it and the harder you work, the more effective it will be.

It really is up to you.

Well that is my distraction for this month. Now, you will have to get up and go find your own distraction. Don't do anything dumb, make sure it is safe. But get up and go out and find something that will take your attention and put your pain into the background.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest from the Web

This article discusses an ancient Chinese treatment that has recently found a new popularity among celebrities and other people with back pain and other chronic pain complaints.

Does it work? Who knows?

Many of the medical techniques from the Far East are not well understood by western medicine but anything that has been used for thousands of years must be doing something right.

This is certainly worth a look.

Old Chinese pain therapy is very popular in Hollywood

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest News from

The Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment

This latest webpage on Living with Back Pain discusses the symptoms of a frozen shoulder, how it can happen, and how you can avoid it. Learn stretching and other simple exercises so you can avoid the problem altogether.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Well, that is it for this month.

I hope you enjoyed it. Drop me an email at and let me know what you are looking for. I am always on the lookout for new topics.

Stay busy and enjoy your life because "Yes You Can" have the life you want.


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