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How much pain relief can you stand? :) haha Check this months distraction
December 01, 2014

"Yes You Can"
Living with Back Pain Newsletter

Hi Everyone,
My name is Dave and I run the website at Just like you, I am living with back pain and have been for many years. I started his website to try and help people, like myself, who are living with pain that will never go away.

I pumped up the tires on my old bicycle and started riding again a few weeks ago. I had gotten out of the habit and I think my blood pressure is starting to creep up. So I need to start exercising regularly or else my doctor is going to start talking about blood pressure medication, and diet, and blah, blah, blah.

I ride a recumbent bicycle and it is much more back friendly than a regular bicycle. Plus, it is a lot of fun. Sometimes it attracts a lot of attention but people always think it is "cool", especially kids. My bike is a 2005 Bacchetta Corsa from Bentup Cycles in North Hollywood California.

If you want to get some exercise and have never tried recumbent cycling you really should consider it. There are styles for every shape and size, it is great fun, and good exercise.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


The Eighth Edition of "Yes You Can", #0008

Well, here it is the eighth edition of "Yes You Can". This month in the Tough Talk section we discuss "What is Pain?" and give you some things to think about.

Learning to live with chronic pain can be difficult but it is not impossible. Thinking objectively about your pain puts it in the proper perspective.

Another great "Distraction" this month and this one is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage, but I guarantee it will make you forget about your pain, at least for a few minutes and maybe much longer. Plus, it has other added health benefits.

From the Internet this month we have an exciting article about research that is being done with the neurotransmitter adenosine and new ways to block pain, especially neuropathic pain.

The latest new web page from Living with Back Pain tells you all you need to know about the new Shingles vaccine.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Tough Talk About a Tough Problem

What is Pain? Have you ever thought about that? I mean seriously, exactly what is pain? Pain is a nerve signal traveling up the nerve to your brain. Your brain must decide if the pain is horrible and miserable........... Or if the pain is only annoying.

Do animals feel pain? Sure you know they must. Do you think the animals suffer?

When a lizard gets his leg bitten off by a bigger lizard, does he lay around crying about it and feeling sorry for himself? You know it must hurt, but does he suffer? I don't think so. Sufferring is different than feeling pain. I don't think simpler animals with less complex brains suffer. This little lizard gets busy and continues doing lizard stuff as best he can with only 3 legs.

Is he handicapped? Sure he is, he only has three legs. Does he expect other lizards to take care of him? No, he knows that he better get busy doing the best he can or else that bigger lizard is going to come back and eat the rest of him.

No...No...No, I am not suggesting that you are a lizard or that you should act like a lizard. I am suggesting that the pain he feels, the nerve signal traveling up the nerve, is the same as the pain that you feel. It is only a signal, a nerve impulse, nothing more.

The difference is his simple little brain cannot expand that signal and make it more than it is. On the other hand the human brain is very sophisticated and can expand that nerve impulse. It can transform it into a giant overwhelming misery that can crush you.

If you let it.

I always say, your brain is the best pain management tool you have. It can make your pain only a minor annoyance, a nerve impulse, or it can make it a giant overwhelming misery that crushes you and ruins your life. You make the decision.

People must choose to suffer.

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


What Is In A Distraction?

Would you like to forget about your pain for a few minutes? Really? Try a cold shower.

I have recently been investigating the benefits of cold showers. They have amazing benefits and I have discovered an extra benefit that no one else is talking about.

It is widely recognized that cold showers will boost your immunity and make you better looking. They make you more alert and improve your mood.

Cold Showers can block your pain.

It takes courage, but at the end of your regular shower, step to the side and adjust the water all the way to cold. Then try gradually easing back into the water. Right now all I can do is stick in 1 arm or 1 leg at a time. After I do both arms and both legs I just splash cold water on my face for a few minutes and then I get out.

I am trying to build up to stepping completely into the cold shower but I am not there yet. I have found that it does make me feel better immediately when I get out of the shower and my back pain is better for awhile.

It is kind of weird, but it is like the overwhelming sensation of cold overwhelms and blocks the sensation of pain. The cold is not painful but it is a very strong sensation that makes every nerve tingle.

This is a pain management tool with many benefits besides controlling your pain and there is a low probability of addiction. (low probability of addiction. Hahahaha)

Check these articles to learn more about the benefits of cold shower.

5 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers

Benefits of Cold Showers: 7 Reasons Why Taking Cool Showers Is Good For Your Health

Well that is my distraction for this month.
How much pain relief do you really want?
How much pain relief can you stand?

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest from the Web

This is exciting.

Scientists have discovered a way to block pain that is very effective in experimental animals. If this produces real results in humans adenosine and its receptors could turn out to be your new best friends.

"Most effective for chronic neuropathic pain"

'Off switch' for pain discovered: Activating the adenosine A3 receptor subtype is key to powerful pain relief

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Latest News from

If you are over the age of 60 you need to read this latest addition to If you have ever sufferred the misery of shingles or known anyone who has had to live with postherpetic neuralgia you will understand why you need this information.

In a nutshell:
Unless there is a good reason why you should not have the shingles vaccine (allergy, immune suppressed, chronic steroid therapy, etc.) you should have it. Learn more about it and then discuss it with your doctor.

Shingles Vaccine? Should You?

"Yes You Can" live the life you want.


Well, that is it for this month.

I know I sound like a broken record, but it really is up to you. You decide how you are going to live with your pain. Your doctor does not have any magic bullets or medicine that is going to make your pain go away. If he did have something I am sure he would give it to you.

Your family can support you and comfort you but they cannot give you a life. You need to push your pain into the background and get busy living your life because it is the only life you have and you need to make the best of it.

Stay busy and enjoy your life because "Yes You Can" have the life you want.


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