Causes of Back Pain Ch2
When Things do not Improve

There are many causes of back pain and some are more serious than others. Learn the red flags and how to tell when you need to see a doctor and get back to enjoying your life pain free.






With any kind of trauma, large or seemingly insignificant, the muscles can be stretched or strained.  The ligaments can get sprained or torn.  Bones including the vertebra can get broken. If you are having back pain after any kind of an accident it is important that you see a back pain specialist to check for fractures and other treatable injuries. 

"evaluation can mean quicker treatment and relief"

Chronic back pain that develops gradually over years may be arthritis. When it begins radiating into your buttocks and thighs with sciatica, you may be developing lumbar spinal stenosis.

Seeing your doctor for evaluation can mean quicker treatment and relief.

herniated disc may cause back pain and sciatica. Your doctor can order studies to determine how large the herniation is and then discuss the treatment options with you.

If the pain and sciatica are not severe, conservative treatments such as stretching and other exercises for the spine may be suggested.

Evaluating the many Possible Causes of Back Pain

Back pain may be a sign or symptom of diseases in organs that are near the spine. Disorders of the colonlungs,aortakidneys and others can all result in severe back pain.

"determining the exact cause of the pain"

Whether chronic or acute, one of the major challenges of back pain treatments is determining the exact cause of the pain. Because all of these structures are so very close together it is often very difficult to identify the exact pain generator.

MRIs, CT scans and X-rays can be useful when evaluating back pain, but many times the results are equivocal and difficult to interpret.

When the cause of your back pain cannot be determined your doctor may start you on some gentle exercises for physical conditioning. If that fails to make a difference or provide any relief he may progress to more aggressive treatments.

"find out that it is nothing serious"

It is much better to have your pain evaluated, and find out that it is nothing serious, than to wait and find out later that it was something that could have been treated if you had found it earlier.



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