Don't pick up the baby!

by Danielle
(Gig Harbor, Wa)

I take care of my grandson occasionally when I can get a day off during the week. He just had his first birthday.
He weighs about 20 lbs.
I have had a lower back problem for the past year and a half. I knew in the back of my mind that sooner or later something was going to happen when I picked him up. I thought I was being careful. A few days ago I picked him up and I felt something happen in my lower back. I couldn't move.
To make a long story short, I went to the doctor the next day. She put a Novacain patch on me and said to use the patches over the next 3 days and I would be fine. Along with the patches she gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant to fill if I needed it. By the end of the day my back was numb from the patch. The patch made me feel worse.
I did not fill the prescription. I have been so used to not using drugs, that I feel better without them. I went to the bookstore and picked up a couple books on back pain. I started doing the stretches in the book. A couple more days have past and I am feeling much better. I am trying to remain somewhat active, without over doing it, and taking a nap in the afternoon seems to help. My biggest thing is that it is so important to exercise every day, no excuses if you want to feel good, and be aware of your posture all the time. I know that one of the major issues to deal with for me, is that I never take the time to relax. I'm still working on that.

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Great Advice
by: Dave

That really is great advice Danielle. Avoiding lifting and bending, stretching and exercising daily, and watching your posture are the keys to curing most back pain.

Thank you for sharing.


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