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When you are living with chronic pain, When your doctor has told you that you must "Learn to live with it", you are never the same. Your interests are different and your focus is not the same as everybody else.

I know what you are looking for, I know what you are interested in, because I am in the same boat as you.

Because, that is exactly what the orthopedic surgeon told me in 1970, "Learn to live with it." he said.

That is what my parents, my relatives, and my friends told me when I was 19 years old. They all said, "Learn to live with it."

The surgeon also told me "We will be doing your first surgery within the next 10 years". Well I never had that surgery and I never went back. "Learn to live with it" I did, and so can you.


Think Outside the Box 
Your Friends and Family Want You Back

You Can Have Fun Again
Be Confident and Attractive

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Other Symptoms with a 
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"Yes You Can" will help you with information about:

Our "Tough Talk" section will give the truth about what it takes to live with chronic pain. 

Your brain is your best pain management tool.
You will learn how you can use it to control your pain with Distraction and other techniques that you will not learn at the doctors office.

You will learn more with a new in-depth article about the causes,
evaluation, and treatment of chronic pain.

And You will Gain Much Much More Information
about Living with Back Pain because
 "Yes You Can"

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