Top Exercises for Back Pain

A regular program of exercises for back pain is a good way to avoid back injuries and improve fitness.

Stretching exercises as a back pain treatment will make you more flexible, strengthening exercises will make you stronger, and aerobic exercises will help you lose weight and improve your attitude.






"easy to learn and easy to do"

Exercises for back pain, or exercises to prevent back injury are not complicated and they are easy to learn and easy to do. To make these exercises effective you need to do them consistently. To help you do them consistently you need to make your workouts fun.

When you can make your exercise program enjoyable, you will look forward to exercising, and you will feel cheated when you miss one of your workouts. Planning is the key to a successful exercise program, and the most important part of planning is planning to make it pleasant and enjoyable.

Make This Time Special and Look Forward to it

This can be your time for yourself. You deserve time for yourself, so plan on it. Find some of your favorite music to listen to, or schedule your workouts during your favorite television show. Think about how you can make this time special, something that you look forward to. Plan the enjoyment part before you even think about what exercises to do.


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In general exercises are always good. But the goals of your exercise program will depend on your current fitness level. If you are having any chronic back pain or acute back injury discuss it with your doctor. He may offer some advice or he may recommend a physical therapist to help design an appropriate program of back pain treatments.

"beginning daily walks of 15 to 30 minutes"

If you are in reasonably good condition(able to do your own shopping and housework), and don't have problems with your knees or hips. Beginning daily walks of 15 to 30 minutes, and some light core strengthening and stretching exercises may be a good place to start.

Yoga training is often useful to help develop a back pain treatment program that will condition your entire body. The many poses often combine stretching and strengthening exercises for the neck, shoulders, hips, and knees, as well as the the core and upper, middle, and lower back. Supervision by a certified yoga teacher can be very informative, especially in the beginning.

If you are more limited, you may need to begin with a more conservative program of exercises for back pain, and then you can progress as you grow stronger.


"you can progress as you grow stronger"

If you are in better condition you may be able to start with a more rigorous program. But to prevent injury, it is always best to begin more conservatively, and proceed slowly, as your level of conditioning improves.

If you are recovering from an injury your doctor can help you develop a program that will not impede healing. Then, when your injury has healed you may begin a program to prevent injury.

"reasonably expect to achieve"

If you are living with chronic pain, your doctor may advise a schedule of exercises for back pain that will help to minimize your pain and maximize your mobility and function. You should discuss with your doctor what you may reasonably expect to achieve.

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