Exercises for Lower Back Pain
Start Here and Start Today

Learning the exercises for lower back pain can help you get over a painful episode and help to prevent future episodes. The key to using these exercises successfully is to start off gently and then do the exercises consistently.






"not bed rest"

If you're having back pain you need to rest your back for several days until it feels better, but not bed rest. Studies have shown that more than one or two days of bed rest leads to upper and lower back stiffness and deconditioning.

Just limit your activity, avoid bending and lifting, and try to go about your normal activities until your back feels better.

You could try some gentle exercises for lower back pain during this period, possibly some light stretches, if it does not increase your pain.

"If your pain is not improving..."

Other useful back pain treatments may include yoga, a heating pad, or ice packs. To make a great ice pack put a bag of frozen peas or frozen corn into a pillowcase and lay it on the painful area.

Never put ice or other frozen material directly on the skin, it may cause frostbite.

If your pain is not improving after a week or so you need to make an appointment with your doctor. He can evaluate you an order the necessary studies to make sure you don't have a serious injury.

"When your back pain is gone..."

When your back is feeling better, you can start doing more stretches to increase your mobility, and begin working on strengthening exercises for lower back pain. When your back pain is gone you can add in some aerobic exercises for general conditioning.

Before beginning any exercises for lower back pain you should discuss it with your doctor. He can evaluate your overall condition and help you to set reasonable goals.

"the benefits are real"

Maintaining a regular program of exercises for lower back pain requires dedication and consistency, but the benefits are real and the exercises are free.

These exercises can also be done during pregnancy, but check with your doctor before starting any new exercises. Exercising regularly will keep your back strong, avoid injury, and make you feel better.

To obtain the maximum benefit from these exercises you need to develop the habit of exercise. These exercises are not difficult, but doing them consistently, can be a challenge for some people.

"develop a regular exercise program"

After your back feels better you need to develop a regular program of exercises for lower back pain. The stretches should be done daily to keep your back limber in your ligaments loose.

The strengthening exercises should be done three times per week to build muscle and keep your core strong. It is the muscles of your abdomen, as well as the muscles of your back, that support your spine in a healthy position.

These Exercises for Lower Back Pain will make You Feel Better

Aerobic exercise should be done at least once a week for 30 minutes. This should be an activity that you enjoy that will raise your heart rate and increase your breathing.

Stretching exercises will lengthen your muscles and keep your joints loose. These stretches will prevent the muscles and ligaments in your back from getting short and tight.

Hamstring Stretch 

Lie on your back with your legs out flat, then bend one knee and flex your hip so that you can grab your upper leg with your hands. As you hold your thigh straight up and down, begin to slowly straighten your knee until you feel the stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold your knee as straight as possible and feel the stretch for a count of 10, then do the other side. Do 3-5 repetitions daily.

Cat Stretch 

While on the floor on your hands and knees, drop your head and pull your hips in under your body, 
bowing your middle back up towards the ceiling as high as possible. Hold for a count of 10, and do 3-5 repetitions daily.

Strengthening exercises will make your muscles stronger and increase muscle tone. These exercises will increase strength and stabilize your back, and this will protect your spine from injury.

Pelvic Tilt 

Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent, tighten your stomach muscles and press your low back into the floor and hold for a count of 5, and repeat. Do 2 sets of 10 daily.

Ab Crunch

Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent, with your arms out in front of you parallel to the floor, tuck your chin to your chest and lift your shoulders off of the floor. Hold for a count of 5, and do 2 sets of 5. 

Hip Extensions

Lie on your stomach on the floor with your legs out straight. Raise one leg off of the floor as high as possible, hold for a count of 5, and then repeat with the opposite side. Do 3 sets of 10.

Aerobic exercises will increase your general conditioning and balance, help to control your weight by burning calories, and make you feel better by causing the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are hormones that affect them brain similar to morphine. They are released from the brain during periods of aerobic exercise. They can relieve pain and heighten your mood. Endorphins are responsible for the legendary "runner's high."

"feel better about life and about yourself"

It is best to start your program of exercises for lower back pain slowly. Make your number one goal consistency. Set up a schedule and stick to the schedule. If you can develop the habit of exercise you will have a successful program. The best exercises are easy, it is developing the habit that is difficult. But I know you can do it, set a goal and write it down.

A regular exercise program is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. It will prevent injury, make your heart stronger, and make you feel better about life and about yourself. Now just go do it.



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