Find the least invasive common denominator, and develop it's capabilities. Simple is better.

by Sally June Odland
(Henderson, Nv., 89011, USA)

Age 69. While I still had a pain management system that worked.

Age 69. While I still had a pain management system that worked.

If I only had to deal with the problems created by a burst fracture of L1 life would be easy. It would still hurt, but, as the "only game in town", it could be controlled.
So many different maladies require either unique or simple approaches to managing pain.
I have MEN1 that has given me osteoporosis. It has also given me gynecomastia, extremely low T, chronic fatigue, and pancreatitis.
Then there is the string of problems caused by osteoarthritis. A string of joint failures, spinal stenosis, spinal osteophytes, and impaired motion issues.
Add to this my gastrointestinal problems, from GERD, gallbladder removal surgery, extremely large multiple simple renal cysts, NASH non alcoholic steato hepatitis, several occurrences of PE's and DVT's, two episodes of pancreatitis, chronic headaches, vision problems, extremely high arches and hammer toes, nerve signal issues, a heart attack, and teeth problems including mandibular joint disease.
I won't say these are all of my problems that cause pain on a regular basis, just the ones I experienced frequently enough to bring to my doctor's attention.
Point two is finding an internist. They are few and far between. Why, because it is a constant educational regimen to stay current for them, and maintain their certification. Mine does!
My internist has researched and examined every issue that I have brought to his attention. He has managed my pain for 16 years, the last 12 with a steady protocol of medication. The first four years were spent analyzing the reasons for my diverse sorts of pain, and finding a common denominator for controlling them. He did, and the last 12 years my pain has been controlled, I have very few excursions into uncontrolled pain, and life has been on an even keel.
Here's what no one wants to hear. It requires a minimal dosage of multiple narcotic medications from Tramadol, to Oxycodone, to timed release Fentanyl. And muscle relaxers to manage what my body takes on that has made my form and physique distort. None are perfect, but overall, it works.

Now comes the real brain twister. Now the state of Nevada, and the ill informed, knee jerk, legislators in Carson City, have concocted a politically correct scheme to do what they feel my doctor can't, or won't do. Force me off my medications. And they have! To my detriment, and increased medical expense. I now have no management as none of the approved pain clinics will prescribe what worked so well for more than a decade.
I now lie in bed, without sleep, in extreme pain, constantly. I don't move around much, can't maintain my home or any part of my life. The degradation of my quality of life will, no doubt, be terminal. Many signals have already started showing up. My CBC has issues, I don't eat regular meals, and my motor skills have faded into inability to control my home existence. If I last 5 years they will be the most unproductive of my entire life.
All brought upon my existence by people that can't write coherent laws, nor allow true medical professionals to manage their patients needs.

I have been in transition. Yes, I am MtF transgender. I was doing splendidly until the witch hunt started after the last general election, and the beginning of 2018. I don't know if I will make it to my goal because I can't focus on what matters to me, but am required to spend my days in agony. Agony that is completely unnecessary. All because a group of fools assumes they know more about my body that my doctor.
Return sanity to medical practice. Allow doctors to control who, what, and why they prescribe medical intervention for pain. Put societies phobias in the closet where they belong. Allow me to continue my productive, tax paying life.
And the reason my doctor managed my pain the way he did? It was the least invasive, simplest form of dealing with all my variously induced pains. I am not a criminal, at least I wasn't while he was providing management for my care.
I guess now I may become exactly what they want. A criminal, and then dead. It will solve their problem. Genocide is in vogue, from Washington DC to Carson City, Nv.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum! I hope those of you that bought into their fairy tale never have to deal with constant uncontrolled pain. If you do, welcome to my world. You caused it, you will have the fun chore of having every quack tell you that they can fix your problem with one more surgery, that insurance won't cover. Or a maintenance plan you can't afford. You too will get to be a criminal. Finding what will work by what ever method you can Every year it will get worse. Legislation will limit the coverage for you, a non preferred part of the population, until you have no coverage. Then everyone will get to pay an even higher price for running government or, have government implement a cost benefit analysis for every individual. When it becomes uneconomic to continue to fund your existence, you will cease to exist.
Just like in the Charlton Heston movie "Soylent Green".
Is that what you want for your children?
When you next vote, think about their future, not yours. Yours is already sealed.

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Could You get up and Tell Your Story?
by: Dave

Hello Sally,
Wow, it certainly sounds like you have been through a lot and still have a lot on your plate to deal with. Most people would not have been able to make it this far and survive what you have been through. You must be pretty tough, but more than that, I admire your intelligence. It takes a lot of intellectual horsepower to live with everything that you are living with and keep everything in perspective and keep fighting to have a life.

Your internist must be wonderful. It takes so much work and effort to manage a case as complicated as yours, most do not have that kind of dedication or compassion. I hope that you are still seeing him/her for the things that they can still help with.

I am not familiar with the details of Nevada laws on pain management. Did they take away your pain medication completely or just cut them way down? Will they still allow muscle relaxers? Tramadol? Barbituates? Is it still enough to help any at all? I know it must be miserable.

Have you ever considered getting serious about meditation? I know that may seem far fetched to some people but you seem pretty smart and I think that your brain is the best pain management tool that you have. However, learning to use it is the problem. It takes work and effort but the possibilities are kind of limitless. (I don't know if that would work for you in your situation, it was just a thought that I wanted to throw out there to think about)

I agree that it is criminal, the way that they try to legislate medical care. And, to try and legislate pain management is just foolish. You know that the people making these kinds of laws are not living with any kind of chronic pain so they have no real perspective or idea of how their laws affect people's lives. Have you tried to contact any of your state legislators? Do you think they would be open to listening to you? Could they get you in to testify or be a witness in front of a committee or state assembly. Would you be willing to get up and tell your story and maybe change somebody's mind?

You mentioned that you were doing well for several years before they started reducing your pain medication. Were you able to work and keep a regular job? Pay your bills and take care of yourself? Do your own cooking and cleaning? If you could document a good case of how well you were doing (even if you did require high doses of pain medication) and how now without the pain medication, document all of the things that you cannot do.

If you could document how much the pain medication improved your function and quality of life, you could certainly make a good case for backing off on some of their restrictions.

...............If they are interested. That is the key.

Seems like it might be worth sending a few letters to your state assemblymen and women just to see if you can get any response.

Well Sally, that is all that I can think of for right now. Stay strong and hang in there. I know that is easy for me to say but it it true that you are not beaten until you give up. So, don't give up.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
I wish you all the best,

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