Herbs for Back Pain, Herbs for Sciatica
Will Really Make a Difference, Naturally

The use of herbs for back pain predates the written record, and herbal treatments have been used by people all over the world. The Khoisan peoples of Madagascar used devil's claw root to treat pain over 1000 years ago.






"natural herbal treatments"

Learning to manage and control your pain with natural herbal treatments is a very satisfying experience. Doing the research and learning how to use natural ingredients to formulate organic medicine is both effective and rewarding.

Herbal remedies can work synergistically, when combined with other holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga, in a pleasant environment with friends and family. This can be an excellent natural way to manage your pain and live your life.

"can result in very strong compounds"

Many natural herbs for back pain have the same active ingredient as the over the counter and prescription medications, but they are often less concentrated, and perhaps slower to take effect.  

Because they are less concentrated, they can be safer, gentler and easier to tolerate. Using herbs for back pain contributes to a more natural lifestyle because there are no additives and fillers to be concerned about.

Acai Berries from the Amazon

Image thanks to CostaPPPR via Wikimedia Commons

"treat herbs with respect"

You must be careful and treat the herbs for back pain with respect, because herbal remedies do have active ingredients that can be dangerous when handled incorrectly. Techniques that concentrate these ingredients can result in very strong compounds, which may have side effects or be dangerous.

When combining herbs for back pain, you must consider any possible interactions. They may work synergistically, providing more benefit than either could alone, or the interactions may make the compound less effective.

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"find an appropriate therapy"

Another benefit of herbal treatments is they get you more involved in your own care. You can study and learn about your condition, then search to find an appropriate therapy. The advice of an herbalist may help.

You can grow, or obtain the basic pure herbs for back pain. Then compound them into a form that you can use. You may brew leaves to make a tea, mash roots to form a poultice, or soak herbs in your bathtub overnight to make an invigorating liniment.

You can control what goes into your body, and avoid substances that, in your opinion, may not be natural, may not be helpful, or that may cause damage.

"wide variety of healthful treatments"

Organic herbs can be compounded into a wide variety of healthful treatments. Effective for back pain would be a muscle relaxant such as chamomile. Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory useful for arthritis and sinusitis.

The antidepressant effects of St John's Wort, can also help damaged nerves to heal. This is useful in the treatment of sciatica and sciatic nerve pain.

Useful herbs for back pain and sciatica pain could be other treatments used for their anti-inflammatory effects, such as grape seed extract and saw palmetto. The herbal pain medications, devil's claw and willow bark, may also benefit both of these conditions.

Acai is the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree that has been praised by celebrities, world-class athletes and health-conscious individuals alike, for its healthful benefits.

Chamomile can be used as a muscle relaxant when brewed into a relaxing tea. Combine 8 oz. of boiling water, and 2 tbsp. of dried chamomile blossoms. After steeping for several minutes, strain into a cup and add honey or lemon to taste, for a very soothing drink. This plant is easy to grow, or the dried blossoms can be purchased at health food stores.

Grape seed extract is a powder that is generally packaged into capsules. It is available in a standardized and nonstandardized form, with the standardized form having a guaranteed amount of the active ingredients. Useful as an anti-inflammatory, it also has antioxidant properties.

St. Johns Wort is available as a tea or a tablet, and can be used to treat inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve. It is recommended to take twice per day, and it may take 3-4 weeks before you notice any results.

St Johns Wort

Image thanks to Glyn Baker via Wikimedia Commons

Herbs for Back Pain

Saw palmetto is a plant that grows in Florida that produces red berries the size of olives. You can grind these berries into a powder that is placed into capsules, or made into a tincture, or liquid form. This can be used as an anti-inflammatory; it is also known to promote prostate health.

Bromelain is a natural enzyme that is extracted from the stem of the pineapple. This powdered extract is packaged in capsules and used as an herbal treatment for inflammation from surgery and sports injuries as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Bromelain is also found in the pineapple fruit but the concentrations are much lower and it would be difficult to eat enough pineapple to have an effect.

Devil's claw has been a natural medicine used for pain control by the people of South Africa for centuries. It is extracted from the roots of a plant native to the Kalahari Desert.

Devil's claw is one of the few herbal remedies that scientific studies have consistently shown to be effective in the management of pain.

Willow bark is an herbal treatment that has been used widely around the world for hundreds of years as an anti-inflammatory and to relieve pain. Earliest records show that bark of the White Willow was used by the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides, to relieve the pain of arthritis.

It can be prepared by boiling 1-2 grams of the bark in 200 ml of water for ten minutes. It is recommended to drink 5 or more cups of the herbal tea daily. The active ingredient, salicin, is similar to aspirin, so this should not be taken by people with aspirin sensitivities.

You can learn more about the history of herbs and how to use herbal preparations for pain from my friends at medicinalherbs-4u.com.

"great addition to a natural holistic lifestyle"

These are just a sampling of the many herbal remedies for back pain and sciatica. In general they can be said to be safer, and to work more naturally, than many pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal remedies can be a great addition to a natural holistic lifestyle, and they can be very useful in managing your back pain and sciatica.



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