Herniated Disc Facts Ch4
When Pressing on a Nerve
               Causes more than Pain

When a nerve is being pinched by a herniated disc it can definitely cause pain radiating into the area where that nerve goes. However, there can often be other problems. 

When a nerve is being squeezed it sometimes will quit working correctly. The nerves control everything so there are many possible problems that can develop. 






Numbness and/or Weakness

When a nerve is under pressure you may experience numbness or weakness.

It may be only minor and effect only a small area; or it may be severe and involve your entire arm or leg. 

Mild or Severe

When the numbness is mild you may hardly notice it.

But you may find yourself looking down at your feet to see what they are doing because you can't feel the floor the way you normally do. 

Fingers or Feet "Just Don't Work Right"

Minor weakness may cause you to find yourself tripping more often than normal. You may notice that one foot often drags because you don't pick up your feet quite the same as before.

You may have trouble buttoning shirts, counting money, or typing because your fingers do not have normal sensation and they do not work as well as they have in the past. 

In Severe Cases

When there is severe nerve damage you may not be able to use your limb at all. When the numbness is profound you may not be able to tell what you are doing or be able to control your motions. With severe weakness you may not be able to move your limb at all and the muscles will begin to atrophy. 

The Nerves that Control Your Bowels and Bladder

If the nerves that control your bowels and bladder are affected you may not be able to sense when you need to use the restroom. You may feel like you need to empty your bladder or have a bowel movement but you can't because the same muscles that have worked for you all of these years are no longer working correctly. 

When you have a herniated disc it can cause pain and sometimes severe pain. If a nerve is being pinched the pain may radiate or shoot into one or more of your limbs. 

When the nerves are not working correctly there can be many other problems that develop because the nerves control everything. 

It is All about the Nerves

Again, depending on which nerves are being squeezed you may not be able to control when you go to the bathroom.

You may start wetting your pants or soiling your underwear without any warning that you need to use the bathroom. 

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