Herniated Disc Treatment Ch3
Medications to Treat Your Herniated Disc

Prescription Medicines for Herniated Disc Treatment

When more conservative treatments have not been helpful you may want to consider talking to your doctor about prescription medications that may be helpful. 






Worth a Trial

Different medications can work in different ways to relieve your pain and other symptoms.

Several different types of medications may be worth considering. 

Medications that may help relieve the symptoms of a herniated disc include anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressant medications, anti-seizure drugs and oral steroid preparations. 

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These Treatments Make Sense

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Prescription Strength Anti-Inflammatories

Higher doses of anti-inflammatory medications can help to relieve back pain by reducing inflammation and swelling. If you are experiencing nerve pain from a pinched nerve reducing the swelling can relieve pain by reducing the pressure on the nerve.

These medications have a risk of stomach problems so report to your doctor if you notice any stomach pain or heartburn symptoms after taking this medicine. He will monitor your labs and blood pressure for signs of other side effects. 

Anti-Depressant Medications

There is a very close link between pain and depression. Depression can be like a magnifying glass on pain. If you think you may have depression make sure and talk to your doctor about it. 

Medications like duloxetine and citalopram can help to control pain by influencing some of the <a href="http://www.living-with-back-pain.org/neurotransmitters.html">neurotransmitters</a> in your brain such as serotonin and norepinephrine. 

Anti-Seizure Drugs

Anti-seizure medications can help to relieve neuropathy or nerve pain because they work on the nerves. 

Pharmaceuticals like gabapentin and pregabalin work to relieve nerve pain by stabilizing the nerve membranes and limiting the pain signal. 

Herniated Disc Treatments with Steroids

Oral steroid treatments such as prednisone and methylprednisolone have strong anti-inflammatory effects that will dramatically reduce inflammation and swelling. But they also have many side effects when taken consistently for long periods of time. They are not an appropriate treatment for chronic pain. 

However, for herniated disc treatment of acute pain and other symptoms they can be very effective even when taken for a brief period of 5-10 days. 

Your doctor may prescribe this type of treatment to stabilize severe symptoms while further evaluation is being completed. 

When Prescription Medications Fail

Different types of medications can be very helpful for relieving different types of symptoms but sometimes they are not enough.

When prescription drugs and other less invasive treatments do not allow you to return to normal activities your doctor may consider stronger narcotic medications. 

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