Learning How to Meditate 
Will Improve Your Life

Before we Learn How to Meditate...

Let's look at: What is Meditation? 

Meditation is different things to different people and there are many different practices that could be considered meditation. Any practice that focuses your mind can be thought of as meditation. 






Many Different Names

Meditation can be a simple as sitting quietly for a few minutes. Clearing your mind and focusing on breathing and relaxing. Buddhist masters practice meditation for years with the goal of achieving complete happiness. 

Prayer can be Meditation

Simple deep breathing is a method with many benefits and it has been a part of meditation for centuries.

Prayer can be a form of meditation that helps people reach out spiritually to a higher power. 

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are forms of meditation. They require focused concentration that is often used for weight loss, smoking cessation or other forms of self improvement. 

Some Use Repetition to
Help Focus Your Thoughts

Mantra meditation uses a single word or syllable to help push out distractions and focus your thoughts.  

Repeating a single sound out loud gives your mind something to focus on and can help you reach deep levels of concentration

The Powers of YOUR Mind are Unlimited

Learning How To Meditate is a Skill that can be Practiced

The powers of the human mind, of your mind, are unlimited...... when they are focused.  Meditation is a way that you can learn how to use that power. 

Meditation is a skill. It is a technique that can be practiced and improved. It does take time but not a lot of time. Studies have shown that even beginners can benefit from meditation. 

Beginners can Reduce Pain by 40%

This study by the Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte demonstrated that volunteers were able to reduce pain by 40% after only 3 days of meditation training. 

Improve Your Performance

Some forms of exercise, such as yoga, combine physical exercise with meditation for added benefits.  

Olympic athletes use meditation in the form of mental rehearsals and visualizations to improve their athletic performance.

Phil Jackson, head coach of the world champion LA Lakers, incorporates meditation into the daily routine of every member on his team. 

Meditation will Improve Your Health

Modern society is a seemingly endless barrage of one stressor after another. Stress has been implicated in many diseases including metabolic disease, heart disease, and diabetes. Meditation can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. 

After reviewing 47 different studies that involved over 3500 participants this review Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-being published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) concluded that meditation programs can reduce the multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.

Eliminate Your Pain and Start Living Again

Many different studies have demonstrated that meditation can reduce pain. Scientists are continuing to study exactly how this is accomplished. 

This study Mindfulness Practice from Harvard University demonstrates one of the ways that meditation actually changes the structure of your brain by increasing the density of the gray matter. 

Free Guided Meditation Audio:

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