Kidney Back Pain
Causes and Cures           

When you are having kidney back pain, it is important that you learn how to tell if symptoms are coming from your kidney or your back. One in nine Americans suffer with chronic kidney disease or kidney stones and many of them don't know it.






When you have lower back pain, your search for lower back pain cures should at least consider your kidneys, especially if you have had kidney problems in the past.

"important that you know the difference"

If you have a history of kidney infections, or kidney stones, or kidney failure it is also important that you know the difference between kidney back pain and lower back pain. As you can imagine, back pain cures for pain coming from your back, are different than a lower back pain cure for pain coming from your kidney.

  Your Kidney Health is Important

When You Think About It

Healthy Kidneys Do Not
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Understand Your Kidney Back Pain

Recognize Your Symptoms

Learning to recognize the early signs of kidney disease will help you get early treatment, and minimize any permanent damage to a very important organ.

The location of kidney pain is generally in the flank, on the right or left side. That is the area of the low back, just below the ribs, and to the right or left of the spine. The location of this pain makes it difficult to distinguish kidney back pain from lower back pain that is caused by a back problem or injury.

  • If your kidney back pain is being caused by a problem with your kidney :
    >The pain may be very sharp.
    >It may develop rather suddenly, over 1-2 days.
    >It may be very one sided, either on the right or on the left.
    >The area of pain may be very focused. 
    >You may point and say, "It is right there."
    >The pain may not get worse with motion.

There are many causes of back pain that can cause similar symptoms. Things like muscle strains and sprains, herniations or other disc problems, and trauma may cause similar pain on just one side, and for these there are many back pain cures that can be considered.

  • If your lower back pain is coming from your back it may :
    >Radiate into your buttock or leg.
    >Get worse with motion, or activity.
    >Feel better lying down.
    >Be felt on one or both sides.
    >Have a clear cause. You know what you did, or what happened to cause the pain.

"The most common causes of kidney back pain..." The most common causes of kidney back pain would include kidney stones, kidney infection, and trauma.

Other less common causes would be kidney failure, cancer and hydronephrosis.

We should also mention polycystic kidney disease, this can cause lower back pain, but more often it will cause abdominal pain, rather than lower back pain.

Kidney Stones
Kidneys normally work to filter toxic substances out of your blood, and then they become concentrated in your urine.

When there are excessive amounts of certain materials, they sometimes become too concentrated, and form small crystals or stones.

In most cases these stones are small, and they wash out with the urine flow. But, if they are too large they can get stuck in the ureter, and become very painful.

Pain distribution of a
urinary tract infection

           Image thanks to NIH via Wikimedia Commons

"characteristic pattern of pacing and writhing"

The person with a kidney stone will have a very sharp, severe pain, in the flank. Kidney back pain, from a stone will not radiate, but it may migrate. It may begin in the flank, then travel around onto the abdomen and occasionally into the groin, as the stone moves down the ureter.

The lower back pain from a kidney stone will not be made worse with activity. In fact, these people have a very characteristic pattern of pacing and writhing, that is sometimes called the "stone dance"

If you think you have a kidney stone :

You need to drink more water, and see your doctor. Water is always good for kidney stones. It can help to dilute the urine and prevent the formation of new stones, and large amounts of urine can help to flush out any existing stones. You should also begin straining your urine. If you find a stone your doctor can send it in for analysis.

"check your urine for blood and bacteria"

When you see your doctor, depending on the severity of your symptoms, he may order X-rays or a CT Scan to evaluate the size and location of the stone. He will probably check your urine for blood and bacteria, and order special blood tests to check for infection and to determine what is causing the stones.

After he knows the composition of the stone, and the results of your blood work, sometimes he can advise you on which foods to avoid, this can help prevent the development of stones.

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