Kidney Location

by Brenda

I am having pain in the middle of my back on the right side for the past 2 weeks. What could it be?


Hi Brenda, sorry to hear about your back pain. You don't give me much information about yourself but maybe I can give you some ideas about what to do.

Could be Muscle Pain

The most common cause of back pain in general is muscle pain and it may be on one or both sides. In most cases people know what they have done to injure their back. Have you started a new job or been doing anything different from your normal routine?

Muscle pain is usually self limiting and will resolve on its own with a few weeks of limited activity and over the counter pain medication like Tylenol.

If you don't think it is muscle pain, two other possibilities are facet joint pain and pain related to your kidneys.

Could be Facet Joint Pain

The facet joints are small joints at the back of your spine that connect one vertebra to the next vertebra. There is one on the left and one on the right very close to the middle of your back. These little joints are at every level of your spine from the base of your skull to your sacrum.

If one of these little joints becomes inflamed due to arthritis or an injury it can cause pain that is on one side or the other but still very close to the center of your spine.

If your pain is facet joint pain you could try some anti-inflammatory medication like Aleve or Advil and limit your activity for a few weeks to see if it will calm down. If it continues to bother you, you could talk to your doctor about a steroid injection.

Could be Kidney Pain

If your pain is more over to your right side and not so close to your spine it could be kidney pain. Your kidneys are located on the right and on the left sides of your mid-back region at the bottom edge of your ribs.

Probably the most common causes of kidney pain are a kidney infection or kidney stones. A kidney infection may cause burning pain with urination and foul smelling urine. Pain from kidney stones will often be very sharp and stabbing kind of pain that may migrate or move around to your flank and into your lower abdomen.

If you think this pain may be coming from your kidney you will need to see your doctor. These kinds of pain do not get better on their own. It is true you could pass a kidney stone and your pain could get better. But you will still want to see your doctor to find out why you are having kidney stones.

Also, keep in mind that kidney stones and infections may be the most common causes of kidney pain but they are not the only possibilities and some of the other causes are more serious and should not be ignored. Read more at Earliest Symptoms Of Kidney Disease.

Well Brenda, that is all that I can think of right now. I hope it helps.
Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Best Wishes,

P.S. If anyone else has any suggestions don't be shy. Just hit the comment button and chime right in. We can all use all the help we can get.

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