Kidney Pain and Back Pain
can be Very Similar
Knowing What to Do
can be Very Difficult

Kidney pain from kidney disease or other problems with your kidneys will often cause pain that is felt in your back. It may be mistaken for osteoarthritis or other problems with your spine.






Your kidneys are located just in front of the bottom rib on each side of your midback region. Any type of infection or other problem that causes swelling or inflammation will cause pain in that area. 

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Separate  Your Kidney Pain from Your Back Pain

Pain that is coming from your spine or the muscles of your midback will often be worse with activity and relieved by rest.

Does Your Pain Radiate?

It may radiate down into your lower back and buttocks or out to your hips.

Pain from your kidney will most often radiate to your flanks and sometimes to your abdomen.

Exactly Where is Your Pain Located?

Spinal pain is generally located at the midline or very close to it. There may be tenderness when you press on the bones in your mid or low back.

Pain from your kidney will often have a different character or feel than pain that is coming from your back.

  Your Kidney Health is Important

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Have You Ever had This Pain Before?

If you have ever had a kidney infection or other problem that caused kidney pain, you may recognize the way it feels.

You may be able to tell if it is coming from a problem with your back or from a problem with your kidneys. 

Other Clues may Indicate a Kidney Problem that is Causing Your Back Pain

•Pain and Tenderness on Only One Side of Your Midback along the lower ribs

•Pain that does not get worse with Movement

•Midback pain that radiates around to your flank and abdomen

•Burning with Urination

•Blood or Pus in Your Urine

•History of Polycystic or other Kidney Disease

Kidney infections are a common cause of pain that is felt in the midback on one side or the other. These will often cause burning pain with urination. An infection in your kidney will usually cause a fever as well as pain.

Kidney stones will not commonly cause true kidney pain, but as soon as they leave the kidney they can irritate your ureter cause pain that is very near the kidney. You may feel this pain migrate around your flank and down into your lower abdomen as the stones passes through your urinary tract.

Other less common causes of kidney pain include:

•Polycystic Kidney Disease

•Kidney Cancer

•Horseshoe Kidney or other congenital anomaly

•Bleeding inside of the kidney after an injury

•Kidney Cysts

•Hydronephrosis(urine backing up into the kidney)

Kidney Problems Do Not Go Away Without Proper Treatment

Anytime you are experiencing back pain that you think may be coming from your kidney it is important that you see your doctor because these types of kidney problems are not likely to go away on their own. 

Home treatments for kidney pain are usually ineffective. Wasting time trying to treat your pain without being exactly sure what is causing it will only delay finding a cure.

Your doctor can examine you and order simple tests to determine what is causing your pain. Once he determines an accurate diagnosis he can get you on the road to recovery with an appropriate treatment plan. 



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