Learning How to Meditate
For Beginners

Before you start learning how to meditate there are 
a few basic ideas that I would like you to understand. 

1) All meditation begins with relaxing your body and focusing your mind.

This brief audio is not likely to change your life, but it is a place to start. I am hoping it will give you an enjoyable and relaxing few minutes, and entice you into learning more about how to meditate

Image thanks to Karoly Czifra via Wikimedia






2) With practice you will get better 
and it will get easier to maintain your focus and control your breathing.

3) Meditation is a skill that You can learn just like throwing a ball or riding a bicycle. 

4) Build your meditation habit with daily practice. 
Make it a regular part of your day and it will become something that you look forward to. When things come up that prevent your practice will you feel cheated. 

5) Find a quiet spot to sit or recline.
Quieter is better but you do not need absolute silence. 

6) Tinny computer speakers are not adequate for these meditation audios. 
Earbuds are okay... Headphones are better... Expensive($40-$50) Headphones are even better 

7) Time is not an excuse.
Everyone finds time for the things that they want to do. If you don't want to learn how to meditate you will never find the time. 

8) Meditation can be as simple and brief, or as lengthy and complex as you like. 

Buddhist Masters meditate for hours
at a time every day. 

Coach Phil Jackson of the World Champion LA Lakers only requires that players sit in a darkened room for 5-10 minutes, "Breathing is Silence". The players all love it and never miss it but each one has their own routine for how they use the time. 

9) Please Please Please, do not move on to the more advanced audios until you are comfortable with what is on this one.

You must be able to maintain your focus and relaxation for 5 minutes before you can do it for 10 minutes. 

Okay Now, let's get started.
Make sure that your speakers are turned on and click on the start button.


 When You are Ready to Advance:

Learning How to Meditate II
Practice Practice Practice

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Learning How to Meditate will Improve Your Life




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