Learning How to Meditate II
Practice Practice Practice

All of our Learning How to Meditate audios will start with a few minutes of deep breathing and focused relaxation.  With our more advanced audios there will be less talk about breathing and relaxation but it is still a very important part of effective meditation.

Our longer audios are more about guided imagery. It will be expected
that you can relax and 
control your breathing with little direction.






Begin Using Imagery

This audio is a little longer and has a little more focused relaxation. We also begin working with guided imagery.

This will require complete relaxation and a focused mind.

If you aren't "feelin' it"

If you feel like you don't "get it", or if in your mind's eye you can't quite imagine the garden,

You may need to practice more with the first part of this audio or go back and practice more with our first Learning How to Meditate audio.

Everyone can learn how to meditate. 

Practice and an Open Mind... Open to the Idea that Anything is Possible

Learning to meditate is not difficult but it does require practice. Practice and an open mind. If you come into this with a negative attitude; If you decide ahead of time that this is foolish, or that it will not work for you, you are probably wasting your time. 

Your Attitude Will Make All the Difference

But, if you can listen to these audios with a positive attitude... open minded to what is possible, there really are no limits except for the ones that you put on yourself. 

The benefits of focused relaxation that we discussed in Learn How to Meditate Ch2 have been proven by science. But, beyond that, your mind is more powerful than you realize. As long as you keep an open mind and are willing to practice every day, there really are no limits to what you might accomplish.

Yes, I said it,

           "There are really no limits to what you might accomplish". 

This article from my friends at the Comfort Pit, 26 Scientifically Proven Superhuman Benefits of Meditation reviews several different studies that show some of the extraordinary ways that meditation can improve your life. 

Now, let's learn how to meditate!!
Make sure that your speakers are turned on.
Put your headphones on and click on the start button.


When You are Ready to Advance: 
Learning How to Meditate III
With More Guided Imagery

If You Think You Need More Practice:

Learning How to Meditate I
Short and Simple Breathing and Relaxation

Back to the webpage: 
Learning How to Meditate Will Improve Your Life



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