Learning How to Meditate III,
Audio for Beginners

Learning how to meditate is easy if you are willing to practice.  Our more advanced audios will assume that you have practiced the breathing techniques and total relaxation that is necessary.






Guided Imagery and Positive Emotions

We will spend less time focusing on breathing and relaxation.  We will spend more time with guided imagery and building positive emotions.

It Always Begins with Focused Relaxation

Our first two learning how to meditate audios are focused on learning how to keep your body completely relaxed while your mind is alert and focused.  

When your body is relaxed, your mind will be open to positive ideas that are presented with feeling and emotion.

Your mind can take you anywhere that you want to go. But you must learn to CONTROL YOUR MIND.

Where Should I Meditate?

You really can meditate anywhere.  However, some places will be more difficult than others.  Skillful meditators who have practiced are able to meditate on a crowded subway, sitting at a bus stop or sitting at their desk at work.

They do admit that this is not the best environment in which to meditate.  

Some people will turn it around.  They use the act of ignoring these unnecessary sounds as a way to sharpen their focus and make their concentration even more intense.  This may take practice but it is an interesting approach.

When You are Learning

Especially when you are learning how to meditate you need to find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.  Quieter is better but you do not need absolute silence.  I do think that the places that most people find to meditate still have some ambient noise.

You may still hear a truck go by outside, your neighbor down the hall slamming the door, or your family watching TV in the next room.  You must not let these occasional sounds interrupt your meditation.

With practice your brain will learn to filter out these extra noises and they will not interfere with your concentration.

When Should I Meditate?

Whatever fits your schedule.  Many people recommend making meditation part of your morning routine.  It puts you in a good mood and sets the tone for the rest of the day.


People who have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep may find that meditating in the evening can help to clear your mind to allow a restful night's sleep.

How Often Should I Meditate?

I guess the best answer is "Whenever You Need To" or "Whenever You Can".  It is one of those things where more is always better, but it does take time, and I know that is a precious commodity for most people.  

I do not believe that anyone has ever overdosed on meditation.

The Hindu Masters in India often meditate for several hours every day.  So use your best judgment.

You Must Do Your Part

For guided imagery to be effective you must be able to see the images that are presented in your mind's eye.  You must be able to feel the emotions.

This can be difficult for some people, but anyone can learn to see the images and feel the positive emotions.  All it takes is practice.

Now, let's get started Learning How to Meditate.
Make sure that your speakers are turned on and click on the start button.


Read this After You have Meditated:

Well?? What did you think? 

Did you have difficulty concentrating? or staying focused? That just shows that you are just like everyone else. Maybe you just need more practice. 

Everyone can get better with practice. Maybe tomorrow you could go back and listen to #1 or #2; Or listen to #3 again. 

Absolutely the Most Important Point is Don't Give Up!!!

Meditation will change and improve
your life in so many wonderful ways. 
Unless You Quit!! 

 (26 Scientifically Proven Superhuman Benefits of Meditation)

The only way that it can fail is if you quit practicing!!

Learning How to Meditate I
Short and Simple Breathing and Relaxation

Learning How to Meditate II
Practice Practice Practice

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Learning How to Meditate will Improve Your Life



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