Lifegear Inversion Table
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Inversion therapy on a LifeGear Inversion Table is a smart and economical way to treat back pain and sciatica. For the first time buyer, this unit is well priced and ruggedly built, with everything you need to enjoy inversion therapy.






Whether your pain is from a weekend football game, too much time in the garden, or osteoarthritis, inversion therapy can help. Discover the relaxing sensation and relief that no other treatment can provide.

Inversion Therapy Benefits 
Inversion therapy has been used for centuries to treat back pain of all causes. It is used to stretch tight muscles, and separate the vertebra, making more room for the nerves. It will stimulate blood flow and increase flexibility.

Everyone has a different back, and everyone's pain is different. The Lifegear Inversion Table allows you to fully control the amount of traction or stretch on your back. Some people will like to hang fully inverted, but for many, an angle of just 20 degrees is sufficient.

Inversion therapy is not for everyone. If you're pregnant, have cataracts, or have uncontrolled hypertension you should discuss inversion therapy with your doctor before proceeding.

Inversion Therapy by Lifegear 

This inversion table is made from welded steel with a wide base to make its strong and stable. It adjusts for people up to 6'6" tall and it is safe for up to 300 pounds.

There are cushioned handles that you can reach from any position and a safety strap that you can adjust to safely limit your rotation.

The ankle cushions are ergomomically-molded to provide a comfortable fit while securely holding your ankles .

The Lifegear Inversion Table comes with an Owner's Manual and a 90 day Manufacturer's Warranty.

Read the reports of many satisfied customers talking about how much they enjoy their tables and good they feel.

G.Hoffman - uses it for his degenerative disc disease and he was impressed with the quality and the price.

Jakester - is impressed with how comfortable the bench is and how easy the unit is to use.

Zacman - thought it was easy to assemble and got his first full nights sleep in 15 years after using it for only 10 minutes.

Goose"G-Nice" - uses his a few minutes in the morning and a few more minutes at night and says "No More Back Pain".

The list of satisfied customers goes on and on.

Learn how you can get started today with inversion therapy by LifeGear.



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