Low Back Pain Exercises
Improve Your Posture

Low back pain exercises that improve your posture can relieve the stress and strain on your low back. Poor posture places additional stress and strain on certain ligaments and muscles while allowing your spine to become misaligned. 

Strengthening the muscles that hold your head up straight and hold your shoulders back will help to hold your spine in proper alignment. 






Your Mother Was Right 
Good posture is the key to looking good and feeling good. Standing up straight with your head up and shoulders back gives you a look of confidence and it places your spine in the correct alignment.

Our ancestors evolved as hunters and gatherers. We were designed to stand up tall so we could search for food and watch out for danger. Our bodies were not designed to be sitting hunched over a desk all day.

Balance the Muscle Groups, Bones and Joints 

The times have changed and our survival does not depend on searching for food or avoiding saber tooth tigers, but our bodies and especially our spines have changed little over the last few 1000 years.

We still need to have our head up and shoulders back to balance the many muscle groups, bones and joints that make up our back.

When your head is forward of the center of gravity it puts tremendous strain on your back muscles.

Good Posture Relieves Pain 

When your shoulders and low back are bent forward it puts pressure on the facet joints and changes the alignment of the discs that are between each vertebra. When all of these elements are stretched and strained it causes pain and inflammation. The more stretch and the more strain leads to more pain. Relieving the stretch and strain with good posture relieves pain.

When You Stop and Think About 
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These Exercises Will Improve Your Posture.

Cervical Retractions 

While sitting or standing up straight, relax and bring your chin straight back, without tipping your head up or down. Do three sets of 10 everyday and it will strengthen the muscles that hold your head in line with your center of gravity. 

Shoulder Blade Squeeze 

While sitting or standing up straight, relax and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Do three sets of 10 everyday and it will strengthen the muscles that hold your upper body in place over your center of gravity. 

Breast Bone Lift 

While sitting or standing up straight, lift your chest out and up, and pull your shoulder blades together and down. Do three sets of 10 everyday and it will strengthen the muscles of your low back.

Abdominal Pull-In 

While sitting or standing up straight, pull your stomach in as much as your can and hold for a count of five while breathing slowly. Do five of these everyday to strengthen your abdominal muscles.



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