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Low back pain exercises can be an important part of managing your low back pain. Whether your back injury is acute or chronic, new or old, major or minor, learning the correct exercises can make you feel better; and should always be part of you back pain treatment.






In many or even most cases, low back pain exercises will not be a cure, but they can be used to help make your pain more bearable and to help you move on with your life.

If you have an acute back injury you should avoid low back pain exercises for the first few days.  The most common causes of low back pain are overuse and muscle strain.  

"bed rest should be avoided"

These can generally be treated with a few days of rest or restricted activity and non-prescription pain medication.  Too much bed rest should be avoided because it can lead to loss of flexibility and strength and cause increased pain.

After a few days of rest you can begin gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen your core muscles.  If these activities cause increased pain you should stop or cutback on what you are doing.  

If after 7-10 days you are unable to start advancing your activity, you need to see your doctor.  He can evaluate you to rule out more serious conditions.

Low Back Pain Exercises will help prevent Low Back Pain

A good exercise program is excellent preventative back pain treatment for many of the most common causes of low back pain. Gentle activities are useful to help you avoid pain by making you more flexible and strengthening the muscles of your core. A good low back pain exercise program is also good treatment for lower back pain that you already have.

The key to an enduring low back pain exercise program is to make it your habit. Make it your routine. You don't have to think about it, or try and decide if you are going to do it, you just do it because you always do it. It is just what you do.

"you have a valuable thing"

To help make your program a habit, find ways to make it pleasant, something you enjoy. When you can develop a habit that you enjoy it becomes an addiction. You look forward to your exercise period; it becomes an escape. When you are forced to miss it you feel cheated. When you have a time like that in your day, you have a valuable thing.

There are four stages that you must go through to develop an effective exercise program. Before any low back pain exercise program can bring relief, you must go through these steps. 

1) Learn the exercises that will become your habit.

2) Plan the exercise routine that will become your habit.

3) Begin your exercise program and make it your habit.

4) You will persist because it has become your habit.

"learn what the appropriate exercises are"

If you have physical limitations or complicated medical problems your doctor or a physical therapist can also help you design a low back pain exercise program tailored to your current level of fitness.

Second, plant the seeds of your habit. This is the planning stage. During this stage you must select a time and place, and decide what you would like to enjoy while you exercise. You can choose a television show, or meditation, or music, or whatever you like. This is your time.

"cultivate your habit"

Third is to start, cultivate your habit. Just do it, begin your exercise program, at regular times every day or every week, and never miss a session. You are developing a habit, the habit of taking time for yourself and to exercise.

Set aside a convenient time for you to enjoy your low back pain exercises, daily is best, but at least three times per week. Then pick out a few simple exercises that you can do without straining yourself. You want simple moves that you can do, without breaking a sweat, and without making yourself tired. At this point you want things that you can do without inconveniencing yourself.

"Put a big silly grin on your face..."

Decide to be happy. You can you know. Just decide that for this half hour I am going to shut out the distractions and be happy and do my exercises. You may not feel happy in the beginning, but if you put a smile on your face, pretty soon you will begin to feel happy. Make yourself smile if you must. Put a big silly grin on your face(who cares?), start doing your exercises and after awhile you will find that you are happy.

Fourth, you must understand that this will take time. These low back pain exercises do not work overnight. It may take a few weeks before you notice a difference or any relief, but if you persist relief will come, and you will feel better.

"The goal of low back pain exercises..."

The goal of low back pain exercises is to strengthen the core muscles that support the spine and to help promote good posture. This can be achieved by exercises that strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and developing habits that maintain good posture.

When you keep that small curve or hollow in the small of your back you are taking the pressure of of the joints in your back and protecting all of the little ligaments and tendons that hold the vertebrae in place. When that curve reverses and you slouch forward, it puts pressure on the joints and strains the ligaments, causing pain and inflammation.

"developing the habit of good posture"

While you are working to strengthen your core muscles, it is very beneficial to begin developing the habit of good posture. One good way is to put a small brightly colored piece of tape on your watch.

Then use that tape as a reminder to help correct your posture. Every time you look at your watch you get a subtle reminder to tighten your stomach muscles and to hold that gentle curve in your lumbar spine.

Posture while sitting can be improved with the use of a lumbar roll. A small rolled up towel or other cushion placed in the small of the back is useful to help maintain good posture, and make sitting for long periods less painful.

Aerobic Exercise

"improve your fitness with aerobic exercise"

Another type of low back pain exercise that is useful to help manage your pain and avoid injury is aerobic exercise. Easy walking is good, bicycling is great; swimming is fun, anything to raise your heart rate a little bit. It will help to control your weight, increase your fitness, and stimulate the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are those magic little hormones released by your brain in response to aerobic activity. Their action is similar to morphine, and they relieve pain.

Aerobic activity will make you feel better. It will make you look better.
And, it will make you happy to do it.

"Put a smile on your face and just begin."

These are a few easy exercises that you can begin with. Other treatment options would include yoga and other exercises to strengthen your core. The important thing is to start a program and then keep going.

So, to eliminate, control, or avoid back pain: Pick a time. Pick a few easy exercises. Put a smile on your face and just begin. You can do it, yes you can!!

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