Lower Right Back Pain
most Common Causes

The most common causes of lower right back pain are probably your facet joints, disc injury and pain from your sacroiliac joint. These same problem can develop on the left side of your low back but then you would have lower left back pain.






Other less common but still possible causes of right low back pain:

Appendicitis can cause pain that radiates to your right low back but this usually causes right lower abdominal pain as well.

Kidney Pain is usually focused more on the right or left of your mid back region at the location of your kidney.

Kidney Stones pain may begin in your right or left mid or low back and then migrate around to your flank and then into your abdomen as the stone travels through your urinary tract. 

Muscle Pain from a muscle strain or sprain can occur but usually you will be very aware of something that you have done to cause this pain. This is much more common in your upper back.


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More Common Causes of Lower Right Back Pain

Facet Joint Pain

Arthritis or injury to the facet joints in your lumbar spine can cause right low back pain. This pain will be focused just a small distance from the middle of your back and then it will often radiate to the side of your hip and thigh.

Facet joint pain will be worse when you lean back and slightly better with leaning forward or sitting down. When the problem is severe you may have difficulty standing up straight.

Intervertebral Disc Injury

An injury to one of the discs that separate the vertebra in your lumbar spine may cause right low back pain. These discs can cause back pain due to a bulge, a tear, or a herniation. If the damaged disc is pressing on a nerve it can cause pain that radiates into your right low back, buttock, and thigh.

Disc tears and herniations are much more common in people under 50 years of age. Disc bulging and degenerative discs are much more common in people over 50 years of age.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliitis or other pain from your sacroiliac joint is a common cause of lower right back pain that is often missed or mistaken for pain from your lumbar spine.

Because of Arthritis or Injury

This pain often occurs due to degenerative changes, an injury, or following spinal surgery. Your pain may be worse with walking and relieved by sitting.

There is usually tenderness in the right low back below the belt line.

This test that may reproduce your pain. 

Putting your right ankle on top of your left knee and then pressing down on your right knee may reproduce the pain in your right sacroiliac joint.

Your Right Sacroiliac Joint
cause Lower Right Back Pain 

sacroiliac joint

Image thanks to Bruce Blaus, via Wikimedia Commons

What Can You Do?

If your lower right back pain is mild and does not limit your activities you are probably safe to give it some time and watch it. You could try some over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

Other conservative treatments that you can consider are exercises to improve your posture and an anti-inflammatory diet.

Steroid injections can be helpful by relieving inflammation and swelling.

They will not cure arthritis or fix a herniated disc what they may make you feel better and help to avoid surgery.

If your symptoms are getting worse or preventing normal activities you will need to be seen by your doctor.

Find an Exact Diagnosis

He can order xrays and determine an exact diagnosis. When a diagnosis has been determined you can then cosider the best treatment plan for you. 



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