Your Lungs and Back Pain

When you are having pain in your lungs, and back pain, they may or may not be related. Learning the signs of lung cancer, the causes of lung disease, and understanding the causes of back pain will help you to find out if the pain in your lungs and the pain in your back are associated. Evaluation by a back pain specialist can help you determine the cause of your pain.

Earliest Signs of...

When you have pain in your lungs and back pain, or upper back pain from your lungs, it could be the earliest signs of some very serious problems such as lung cancer, or it may only be a coincidence. You may only have something as simple as mechanical back pain, and bronchitis. But only evaluation by a back pain specialist will provide an accurate diagnosis and a clear plan of treatment.

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Upper Back Pain Lungs

The human spine is a complicated structure with many different bones and ligaments. It is covered with several layers of muscles and tendons that are all connected, and all work together, to hold you upright and allow your daily activities.

All of these different tissues are filled with nerve endings, which can cause chronic back pain when something is wrong, and the list of possible problems that can cause chronic back pain is almost endless.

"completely unrelated to the lungs"

There are many possible causes of upper back pain, but the most common cause is muscle strain. Ligament and tendon strains and sprains may also occur in the upper back. Mechanical back pain or disc herniation is possible. Injuries to nerves and fractures of the bones will also cause pain. The list of possible problems, that is completely unrelated to the lungs, goes on and on.

There are also many possible causes of lung or breathing pain, which are not associated with your back or spine. Among these would be a collapsed lung, or an infection of some type, such as pneumonia or an abscess. You may also have pleuritis or pleurisy, an inflammation of the pleura that covers the lungs. Asthma and bronchitis can also cause pain with deep breathing.

More information about Lungs and Back Pain

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