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Therapeutic massage for sciatica can be a useful treatment for sciatica with many benefits. Massage therapy is also very pleasurable experience that can help relax muscles, release trigger points, mobilize adhesions, and improve posture.

Effective massage can also have psychological benefits by relaxing your mind and providing a feeling of calm serenity that is difficult to match.






""your" treatment must fit "your" problem"

There are many possible causes of sciatica. But, when using massage for sciatica,"YOUR" treatment must fit "YOUR" problem and the cause of "YOUR" sciatica. Some of the most common causes of sciatica would include disc herniations, lumbar spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome. 

"it can relieve the symptoms of sciatica"

Disc herniations can lead to painful scarring and tethering of the nerve roots.

While massage for sciatica may not directly have much impact on the disc herniation itself, it can relieve the symptoms of sciatica with a direct and beneficial effect on painful scarring and the tethering of nerve roots.

Deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue and release adhesions leading to normal motion and relief of pain in many cases.


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"Reducing nerve irritation..."

Lumbar spinal stenosis is often found with severe arthritis in the lumbar spine. Arthritis causes inflammation which may irritate nerve roots and cause the symptoms of sciatica.

Massage for sciatica is useful to increase blood flow and open up lymph drainage channels helping to remove the inflammatory factors from the area to relieve pain. Reducing nerve irritation can lead to increased mobility and prolonged relief.

"direct pressure on the sciatic nerve from the piriformis muscle"

Piriformis syndrome causes symptoms of sciatica by direct pressure on the sciatic nerve from the piriformis muscle. Manipulation of the nerves and muscles with various massage techniques can be useful to stretch tight muscles and desensitize sensitive nerves.

Combining the various massage for sciatica techniques with sciatica exercise and a conditioning program to stretch and strengthen the piriformis muscle is often very effective in relieving piriformis sciatica.

"will depend on the exact cause of your sciatica"

There are many different types of massage therapy, from soft and gentle, to vigorous and almost painful. Which techniques prove to be the most useful for you will depend on the exact cause of your sciatica.

It is also important that you know and trust your masseuse or masseur. Developing confidence in the person giving your massage will allow you to relax and get the most benefit.

"use more pressure to work in between the muscles"

There are also techniques that will allow you to massage your sciatica yourself. This allows you to be in direct control of the location and amount of pressure that is applied.

One such technique involves using warm lotion to gently knead the inner and outer aspects of the thigh and up onto the buttock. As you become more comfortable with the effects of this massage, you can use more pressure to work in between the muscles.

"improve the results of your massage"

More pressure can often improve the results of your massage, but you must progress this slowly, because it is easy to overdo.

You can then the finish the massage with a series of light strokes, then apply to an ice pack to the area.

"useful for managing symptoms and increasing mobility"

Do It Yourself Massage for Sciatica

Another helpful technique uses tennis balls to massage away the pain. Begin by lying on the floor or an exercise mat and placing one or more tennis balls under the painful area, and then gently roll onto the tennis balls placing more pressure into the massage points. You can gently work the tennis balls into the painful area to relieve the discomfort.

None of these techniques alone are likely to cure the pain of sciatica forever, but in many cases they can be very useful for managing symptoms and increasing mobility. 

"you may need to consider seeing your doctor"

If these massage for sciatica techniques fail to provide significant relief and you are unable to go about your normal activities you may need to consider seeing your doctor for an evaluation.

He can examine you an order the necessary tests to determine what is causing your symptoms and get you started on an appropriate treatment plan so that you can get back to living your life.



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