Mechanical Back Pain Causes

When you are having back pain, learning about mechanical back pain, can help you decide what to do. Learning what causes it and how to treat it, can help you know when you can treat yourself, and know when you need to see your doctor.






"Infections, cancer and diseases of yours nerves"

There are many possible causes of back pain. Problems with your kidneys or other abdominal organs can cause back pain. Infections, cancer and diseases of yours nerves can all cause back pain.

Of all of the possibilities, the mechanical type of back pain is the most benign, and easiest to self treat. When you have mechanical back pain many times you'll know why. It will begin after you spent all weekend working in the garden or you lifted that suitcase that was too heavy.

A Mechanical Structure

Your spine is a mechanical structure and its movement is controlled by many different ligaments and many layers of muscle. All of these ligaments and muscles are covered with nerve endings. Whenever they are stretched or strained or pinched you will have a mechanical type of back pain.


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"24 vertebra of your spine are balanced"

The human spine is very complicated structure with many moving parts that must interact with each other in a very precise way. The 24 vertebra of your spine are balanced One on top of the other. They are connected together by the intervertebral the disc in the front and the two small facet joints in the back.

There are many small ligaments at each level that also connect the vertebra together. Over the top of these ligaments are several layers of muscle connecting the bones together. All of these different pieces work together to help you stand upright and control the motion of your spine.

"have a nerve endings"

Each vertebra has an opening in the middle so that when they are stacked up it forms the spinal canal. The spinal cord passes through the spinal canal in the cervical and thoracic spines, and in the lumbar spine, it changes into the many nerve roots of the cauda equina.

At every level between the vertebra nerves exit the spinal canal going to different parts of your body. The nerves at exit in the cervical region go to your shoulders and arms. The nerves in exit in your thoracic region go to different parts of your trunk, and the nerves in exit from your lumbar region going to your pelvic region and your lower extremities.

All of the different tissues in this complicated structure have nerve endings. Whenever the ligaments are stretched, or the muscles are overloaded, or the vertebra get out of alignment, it can cause back pain that is mechanical in nature. 

Some of the more common causes of a mechanical type of back pain include:

Sprains and Strains

Postural Decompensation

Degenerative Disc Disease

Arthritis of the Spine

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