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Meditations for You

Meditation will make Your Life Better in Many Ways


Introduction to Meditation

This 6 minute audio will give you a taste of what meditation feels like. 
Make sure that your speakers are turned on and click on the start button.

Introduction to Meditation II

This audio is a little longer and it starts to incorporate a
body scan technique to help you relax even more. 

Learn How to Meditate III

This audio is a little more advanced

for people who have practiced

This audio is 15 minutes long with more focused relaxation and guided imagery. But, it may not be very helpful for beginners or others who are having difficulty getting relaxed and focused. 

Meditation Music

This 20 minute recording of wonderful music was composed specifically for
meditation. It is uplifting and beautiful without distraction. It is the perfect
inspirational background for quiet reflection.

Turn your speakers on and click the start button.

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Fox in Socks


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