Neuralgia Treatment Stops Pain

Neuralgia treatment may be difficult because in many cases the precise cause of your neuralgia is not well understood, and as always the best treatment for you will depend on exactly what is causing your neuralgia. 






The perfect Neuralgia treatment for Occipital Nerve Pain will be different than the best way to manage Shingles pain which will be different than how you would care for sciatica.

Common  Neuralgia Treatments include:

•Surgery to relieve any pressure on the nerves.

Physical therapy to break up scar tissue and improve range of motion.

•Controlling your blood sugar if you are diabetic.

•Injections with local anesthetic or corticosteroid medications

•Medical Marijuana has been helpful for some people with neuropathy.

•Medications have been shown to reduce pain in some cases.

Medical Marijuana may relieve Your Nerve Pain

Surgical Treatment to remove what is pressing on the Nerve

Surgery may be helpful if your doctor thinks or the studies show that a nerve is being squeezed by blood vessels, muscles and tendons, or any other structures.

Possible side effects can include the risks of surgery(bleeding, infection, nerve damage, etc.) as well as scar tissue after surgery that may cause the pain to return.

This is a common neuralgia treatment for sciatica.


Nerve Pain??

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Physical Therapy makes You feel Better

Exercises for stretching and strengthening can help to stretch the nerves and the muscles and tendons around them relieving pressure and improving your range of motion.

Strengthening exercises stabilize joints and improve your posture by making muscles stronger.

If you have had surgery stretching can help to break up scar tissue that may be irritating the nerves and preventing normal motion.

Controlling Your Blood Sugar improves the health of Your Nerves

If you are diabetic it is always important to control your blood sugar. Your doctor can help you manage your blood sugar with medications, diet, and exercise.

Injection Therapies reduce Neuralgia

Injections with steroid medications and local anesthetic can be helpful when nerves are irritated by swelling and inflammation. These injections can make you feel better but in some cases the pain may return depending on what is causing the problem.

Injections can be helpful with occipital neuralgia, sciatic neuralgia, and intercostal neuralgia.

Possible side effects do include infection and damage to nerves but with modern techniques the risks are very low when injections are performed by trained personnel using x-ray or other imaging equipment.

Medical Marijuana for the treatment of Neuropathy

Several studies have shown different forms of medical marijuana to be an effective neuralgia treatment. Marinol or synthetic marijuana has not been approved for the treatment of pain.

Just like any other medication it may have side effects including a feeling that you are "stoned". It is available in different forms including edible cookies or suckers, brewed as a tea, and a topical treatment that you apply to your skin.

Smoking marijuana has the additional risk of lung cancer or other damage to your lungs.

Medications for Nerve Pain

The most useful categories of medication:

•Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen can reduce inflammation and swelling, along with helping to relieve pain.

•Anti-depressant Medications

Treatments like duloxetine or amitriptyline can be helpful because they affect on the nerves.

•Anti-seizure Treatments

Gabapentin and similar drugs lessen pain by stabilizing nerve membranes.

•Narcotic Remedies

Narcotics can be helpful but they are not really the right medicine for nerve pain. They are best reserved for short term use during flare-ups of severe pain.

•Topical Applications

Lidocaine ointment or remedies containing capsaicin can be helpful for nerve pain that is in or near the skin. Lidocaine may need to be re-applied every few hours. Capsaicin may cause additional pain for the first few weeks for some people.

These can be most helpful for treating postherpetic neuralgia or peripheral neuropathy but it may be worth considering for other types of nerve pain as well.

There are things that can be done.

Effective nerve pain treatments can be difficult to find and may sometimes need to be repeated. In many cases, when the precise cause of the pain cannot be determined, the treatment plan may be trial and error until an effective therapy can be found.

However, there are things that can be done and you need to go do them.



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