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Todays Topic: Medical Marijuana
Can medical marijuana relieve pain?

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Marijuana is certainly in the news these days. More and more states are passing medical marijuana legislation, and a few states are moving toward less restrictive laws for even recreational marijuana. I am not too concerned about the morality of marijuana, or the gateway drug theory that it leads to harder more destructive drugs. I don't even care that much about the potential for increased tax revenue. 

The big question in my mind is does it help with pain? Can it block pain? Can it relieve pain? Can it distract you from your pain? Can it help you to lead a more active life in spite of your pain?

There must be some people out there with some experience on this topic. Let us know what you think.

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Today's Topic:

Should medical marijuana be legal?

Do you think marijuana useful for controlling pain?

If medical marijuana were legalized in your state would you use it?

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Medical Marijuana is not Good 
It is not normal I don't think it is right to employ marijuana in controlling pain because there are numerous other ways this can be done. Ben …

Legalize it,and tax it like liquor and tobacco

As a registered nurse with a background in oncology and hospice care, I believe medical marijuana provides another avenue of symptom relief for this …

Yes: Stop the Black Market and Increase Tax Revenue 
In less than a week, people from California get to vote on Prop 19, to legalize the sale of pot. While no solution is perfect, I think it is a step …

Yes ...If the World tells the truth about it's Benefits  
Marijuana is naturally grown and is illegal. Cigarettes which are man-made, filled with poisons, and cancer causing are quite legal and used freely. …

I don't think it should be made legal... 
I don't think medical marijuana should be legal. I think people should try to find other ways of dealing with their pain. For example acupuncture …

You Bet 
My opinion is that it should be legal because there is enough evidence proving it does help with pain. The same with drugs that are legal in every state..enough …

Of Course It Should 
Any substance that helps people deal with their chronic pain should be available to them. Especially when it is under the supervision of their physician. …

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