Physical Therapy and Acupuncture for Back Pain

by Lesley

I've had back pain on and off for years. Sometimes it disappears for months on end, but then comes back. I think it is probably mostly caused by stress.

I'd had some success with osteopathy in the past, but nothing was working and the pain had gone into my feet and I could hardly walk. No-one could diagnose me, until I was lucky enough to be recommended to Sarah Key - famous physiotherapist and author of the The Back Sufferers Bible amongst other things. She said I had a curvature of the spine and one leg longer than the other. She cured my foot pain in one treatment, she and physios who have trained with her use a wonderful massage using their feet which releases the vertebrae and I've been using her back block method ever since with fantastic results.

I also find keeping up my core strength with pilates helps enormously, as well as regular acupuncture treatments.

Its a work in progress and I find if I get lazy with my back block or exercises I stiffen up again, but all these things really help. Now I only go to Sarah Key's clinic twice a year or so, and they say my spine has staightened out considerably.

Finally, relaxation. I think a lot of the pain comes from tense muscles, caused by stress. I do a lot of relaxation and meditation and it helps enormously. I'm reading The Secret at the moment and truly believe that mind over matter is very powerful. If we believe that our backs are relaxed and pain free and don't focus on the pain, we will be better. So I'm working on positive thinking and I never let my back stop me from doing anything. I love gardening for example, so nothing is going to stop me doing that. I think its probably beneficial in any case, as I have heard from many sources that the best thing is to keep moving.

Basically, I think that the best thing is to take control over your own health and body, and work at it, with exercise, relaxation. And never give up.

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Excellent Points
by: Dave

You make some excellent points about which treatments you have found that work for you, but sharing your attitude with us is absolutely invaluable.

We are all a "work in progress", and we all need to "take control" of our own health and "work at it". It sounds like you have found the real secret to living your life and managing your pain.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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