Pilates for Back Pain
Stretches and Strengthening

Pilates for back pain and Pilates stretches can be a very effective treatment for chronic back pain. These exercises when done regularly can stretch and strengthen your back and the muscles of your core. They will improve your posture and general conditioning as well as make you feel better.






"back pain that is caused by poor posture and/or deconditioning"

If you have chronic back pain that is caused by poor posture and/or deconditioning these exercises can help to effectively relieve your pain.

In the beginning you can start with gentle Pilates for back pain exercises that are comfortable to do and that fit your fitness level.  As your fitness improves the program can become increasingly strenuous so that you can continue to get stronger.


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"opens up your chest and improves your breathing"

This exercise program that was developed by Joseph Pilates focuses on flexibility and strengthening the muscles of your core in a way that opens up your chest and improves your breathing.

There is an excellent introduction to Pilates presented by Linda Lippin in her two free ebooks. 

A Free Introduction to Pilates for Back Pain

I recommend two ebooks by Lynda Lippin:

Eliminate Back Pain and Find True Core Strength

Move Your Shoulders and Free Your Neck with Simple Pilates Exercises

These books are free and available at Ms. Lippin's website pilates-goddess.com. These books present some simple Pilates exercises in a way that is easy to understand.

When I first tried doing the exercises, which are a combination of stretches and breathing techniques, sometimes I would have difficulty remembering the next move. I had to keep stopping and checking the book, which I found very frustrating.

Solve the Problem

I solved the problem by downloading Ms. Lippin's audio versions of the same basic exercises. These audio exercise guides are not free but they are very reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Ms. Lippin's voice has an even tone and a very relaxing quality as she guides you through the exercises. The stretching exercises and deep breathing techniques come together into a very mellow interlude that relaxes tight muscles and releases tension.

"relaxes tight muscles and releases tension"

After I completed this gentle workout I felt alert and renewed, almost like waking up from a nap. My neck and shoulders were comfortable and loose, and my back was relaxed.

I very much enjoyed these workouts and I look forward to checking out some of the other products at pilatesgoddess.com



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