Your Pinched Nerve and What Causes It

A pinched nerve can cause pain and other problems. The location of your pain and the other problems you may experience will depend on: which nerves are being pinched, how much they are being pinched, and how long they have been pinched. 






Nerves are found throughout every area of your body and in most places they are well protected by surrounding soft tissues.

Several Different Possible Causes

However, at some locations they must pass through narrow openings between muscles, ligaments, and bones where they can be pinched.

In other areas, where nerves are close to the surface of the skin, they can be easily damaged or compressed by outside forces.

Common Types 
of Pinched Nerve Pain

Some of the most common areas of chronic nerve compression include your spine (spinal stenosis), your wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), your forearm (ulnar nerve compression), and your ankle (tarsal tunnel syndrome).

woman with back pain


Nerve Pain??

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When your foot goes to sleep 

There are many other areas where you may experience temporary numbness or tingling or a needles and pins sensation that is caused by your position. Lying on your arm may cause your arm to "go to sleep" because a nerve is being compressed by your position.

Sitting with your legs crossed for too long or sitting on the toilet for too long can compress the nerves in your legs causing numbness or tingling.

These temporary symptoms are easy to relieve by changing position. It is your body's way of telling you that whatever you are doing is causing a problem and you need to change position.

Chronic Nerve Compression

Nerve Pain is called Neuralgia.

When a nerve is pinched and you are unable to fix it by changing position it can cause severe pain, muscle weakness, and other problems depending on which nerve is being compressed. 

The Nerves Control Everything

If the nerves that control your bowels or bladder are being pinched you may have incontinence or you may be unable to empty your bladder or have a bowel movement.

If the nerve that is being pinched controls a muscle that muscle may be weak or completely paralyzed and you will be unable to move it at all.

The nerves Control Everything
and when they are not working correctly because they are being squeezed almost any type of problem is 

Learn more about
specific pinched nerves at:

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