Pushing Through

by No Name

Received trauma to lower back in fall while eight or nine years old. Failed to realize degree of damage to spine. In early teens complained about pains in knees (sciatica). Surgery performed on both knees with no relief.

Who would suspect a early teen to have a ruptured disc.

Participated in normal youth activities with the constant pain. Yes, could have stopped as moments of blind light pain was a frequent occurrence.The visits to hospitals when totally debilitated provided a constant reminder of limitations. Medication provided and accepted to minimize the discomfort.

However,the years have passed and at sixty nine the mental agility to deal with the constant pain is waning. Realize the toll of living with chronic pain over years is cumulative. The mental state which served so well, the sixty plus years, is losing agility.

What wisdom accumulated can be passed on to others?

Live everyday as if tomorrow may demand greater mental agility to cope. Perceive a time when pain meds will supplement this mental ability to cope. Desire to continue an active life style until impossible.

The mental price paid through my life has been exceptional. What other choice is available? This is the life dealt and the one in which I live. To all who have long term chronic pain LIVE for this is your life too.

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I Salute Your Courage, I know it was not easy.
by: Dave

Dear Sir or Madam,
I salute you. You are so exactly right. In life you have to play the hand that you are dealt.

When you are living with chronic pain you need to push yourself if you want to have a life. The only other option is to not have a life, or to have a pitiful life.

I know that over the years it took great courage to keep going. You are greater than you know.

Congratulations on making a great life for yourself and thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration for all of us.


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