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These sciatica exercises will be an indirect cure for sciatica; they are designed to treat your sciatica by strengthening the muscles of your torso.

Increased tone and power in these muscle groups will stabilize and support your spine, and if poor posture is contributing to your sciatica, these exercises will help.

These movements should be done at least every other day, and daily is better.






Leg Lifts

(1)Lie on your back, on the floor, with your legs out straight.
(2)Place your hands flat on the floor under your hips.
(3)Press the small of your back into the floor, and raise your heels off of the floor.
(4)Hold for a count of 10.
(5)Do 5 repetitions.

Prone Leg Lifts
(1)Lie prone on the floor.
(2)Raise one leg as high as is comfortable.
(3)Hold for a count of 10.
(4)Perform 5 repetitions.
(5)Repeat with the opposite leg.

Prone Upper Body Lifts
(1)Lie prone on the floor, with your hands behind your back.
(2)Raise your head and shoulders as high as is comfortable.
(3)Hold for a count of 10.
(4)Repeat 5 times.

(1)Lie on your back on the floor, with your wrists crossed on your chest.
(2)Tighten your stomach muscles, and raise your head and shoulder off of the floor a few inches.
(3)Hold for a count of 10.
(4)Perform 5 repetitions.

Side Leg Lifts
(1)Lie on your side on the floor.
(2)Raise your upper leg as high as is comfortable.
(3)Hold for a count of 10.
(4)Repeat 5 times.
(5)Change position and repeat with the opposite leg.


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General Conditioning Sciatica Exercises

General conditioning sciatica exercises may not be a direct nerve remedy, but they do build your cardiovascular system, contribute to good health, and make you feel better.

Anything that raises your heart rate, and gets your blood moving will work. Here are a few suggestions.

Fit these into your schedule at least 3-4 times per week.

Brisk Walking
(1)Make sure you have comfortable shoes.
(2)Stand up straight, and swing your arms as you walk at a brisk pace.
(3)Walk for 30 minutes.

(1)A stationary bike or a regular bike will work if you have somewhere safe to ride.
(2)Sit up straight and avoid a hunched over position.
(3)A recumbent bicycle or a stationary recumbent bicycle is even more back friendly.
(4)Ride for 30 minutes.

Pool Exercises
Pool exercises are good if you have knee or hip arthritis, because the water supports much of the weight. Attempt to find a pool aerobics class, or just walking in waist deep water provides a good workout. Try to exercise for 30 minutes.

"Feel free to advance..."

For all of these exercises and sciatica treatments, the times and the number of repetitions are just a place to start. Feel free to advance it as you get stronger and more flexible.

"Relief may not be immediate."

There are many possible causes of sciatica and if you have something like spinal stenosis, these simple exercises may or may not help, but they won't hurt either. Before proceeding with surgery or other more invasive treatments, these exercises are probably worth a try.

How much relief you get will depend on precisely what is causing your sciatic nerve pain, and how consistently you do the exercises.

"give these sciatica exercises a fair try"

Relief may not be immediate. To give these exercises a fair try, you must do them religiously every day for three weeks. If, after three weeks, you are not noticing any difference, you may want to begin considering other treatment options.

If along with your sciatica symptoms, you are having any weakness in your lower extremities, or any problems with your bowels or bladder. You should consider it a medical emergency and see your doctor immediately. If your doctor cannot see you go to the emergency room. Immediate evaluation and treatment is mandatory to avoid permanent injury and disability.

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Ch 1 Sciatica Exercises Begin with Stretching 
Stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, and general conditioning exercises for sciatica, they are all covered here. 



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