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Sciatica symptoms are often difficult to describe, and may cover a wide spectrum of different sensations. Some people will complain of an aching feeling "like a toothache", others report electrical "lightning bolt" sensations.

The correct treatment for your sciatica problems will depend on what is causing your sciatica nerve pain.

For Sciatica Symptoms
You Should Always Try Conservative Treatments First

Combining a focused sciatica treatment with more general holistic pain management techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises can often be very effective at relieving your sciatica pain.






When conservative treatments fail to relieve your sciatica symptoms you may want to consider more aggressive options such as laser spine surgery or herniated disc surgery. Spinal stenosis surgery or other spinal stenosis treatment such as spinal decompression therapy can also be very effective.

The term sciatica is often used to describe all types of thigh or buttock pain. This may be incorrect, because many things such arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems can cause pain in that area, but not affect the sciatic nerve or cause sciatica symptoms.

"severe ache similar to a toothache"

True sciatica symptoms are caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, and true sciatica pain is often described as a severe ache similar to a toothache, with deep buttock pain extending into the back of your thigh. There may also be changes in sensation in that area and further down the leg.

Many people with sciatica symptoms have numbness and tingling, or a needles and pins sensation.  The exact nature and location of these feelings, depends on exactly which nerve is being irritated and what is irritating it. Many times gentle stretches and other conservative sciatica treatments can relieve mild symptoms.

More severe symptoms may require minimally invasive procedures such as laser spine surgery to remove whatever is placing pressure on the nerves. Spinal decompression therapy can be effective because it creates more space between the vertebra and avoids the more invasive spinal surgery.

"cauda equina syndrome"

It is also possible to develop weakness in your legs, and/or problems with your bowels and bladder when these nerves are compressed.  If you begin  having these problems, you are having more than just sciatica symptoms.

You may be developing cauda equina syndrome, and you need to see a doctor immediately.  You should go to the emergency room or call 911.  If these symptoms are not treated quickly, the nerves may not recover and the impairment may be permanent.

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