Scoliosis Pain.

by Roy
(Devon, UK)

Description of problem is in the attached specialists report below, I had the decompression surgery in December 2017, which has not made any difference and in fact the pain is getting worse, now feel the pain down right leg during the night and most of the day.

Have received treatment via physio but they seem to be at a loss as what to do, have had sessions of acupuncture but that has not helped either and the latest from my specialist is that I will have to live with it!!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Surgery Changes Everything
by: Dave

Hi Roy, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I know sciatica can be miserable. Thank you for sending those reports, they are very helpful.

You mentioned that you had a decompression surgery, but did they also do the fusion that the specialist talked about? How many levels were decompressed?

This report is from before your surgery. Have you been back to see the surgeon? Have the MRI or other studies been repeated? If you had the recommended surgery and you're not getting better you need to go back and talk to the surgeon.

Are your symptoms now the same as before surgery? Is your pain in the same area or has it changed? How is your walking? Are you still able to walk six or 7 miles without pain?

There are a couple of different things that can happen after surgery that may be causing your problem. Sometimes what they are looking at on your MRI is not what is causing your pain. So even though they do the surgery as planned, it does not fix the problem.

Something else that can happen is scar tissue. Some people tend to grow excessive amounts of scar tissue and if the scar tissue grows into the space for the nerves it can reproduce the same symptoms.

If you had the surgery but you're still having the pain you may need to start over with your evaluation and treatment. Because, when you have a big surgery it changes everything, so you don't really know what the situation is. You don't know what treatments will work. You don't know why you still have pain. You don't know if a nerve is still being squeezed.

If physical therapy has not been helpful I think that you need to return to the surgeon and request a new MRI. You may want to consider repeating the injections, depending on what the MRI shows. Just because injections did not help before (remember everything has changed), they may be helpful now.

If nothing else helps and you are still not able to live your life you may need to consider another surgery. Again, depending on what the MRI shows.

If the MRI does not show any nerve compression and the surgeon cannot determine what is causing your pain you may need to start thinking about finding a way to live with it. I know that is not good news but it may be the reality. You may need to find ways to exercise and other activities that do not make your pain worse.

Good luck Roy, we are hoping for the best for you.
Let me know what your new MRI shows. I really am interested.
Best wishes,

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