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The Best Back Pain Treatments Ch 2 
Find Out Which Treatments Have Worked For Others

Passive Therapies

Finding Chronic Back Pain Relief
Is not Impossible

Finding Chronic Back Pain Relief Ch2
Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Facet Joint Arthritis

Finding Chronic Back Pain Relief Ch3
Medications that can Help

Consulting a Chiropractor 
Learn what to expect and how to get the best possible adjustment.

Back Pain Machine 
Read about these clever devices, learn why they work, and how to get the most for your money.

Herbs for Back Pain 
People have been treating back pain naturally for thousands of years. Find out what works.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Benefits Include Less Pain 
Making simple changes in your diet can reduce your pain and limit your risk of many different diseases that are associated with chronic inflammation.

Find the Best Mattress for Back Pain 
A good night's sleep can help relieve back pain. Discover what you need to know.

Marinol (dronabinol), Why and Why Not 
Learn the facts about synthetic marijuana.

Natural Pain Relief
Real Relief Without the Side Effects 

Capsaicin Treats Pain With Pain 
(or some would say stimulation)

Herniated Disc Treatment Index

Ch1 The Best Treatment for You 
will Depend on Your Symptoms

Ch2 The Best Exercise 
for a Herniated Disc

Ch3 Medications to Treat 
Your Herniated Disc

Ch4 Stronger Medications for 
Your Herniated Disc

Ch5 Medication Side Effects and Risks that must be Managed

Ch6 Injection Therapies for a Herniated Disc

Ch7 Surgical Treatments for 
Your Herniated Disc

Active Therapies

Exercises For Back Pain 
Learn how to improve your posture and strengthen your back on your schedule.

Learn Pilates for Back Pain 
The program developed by Joseph Pilates will strengthen your core and increase your flexibility.

E Stim for Back Pain 
Discover how a gentle electrical current can be used to block the pain signal and treat chronic pain.

Yoga For Back Pain Does More 
Learn how yoga combines many different techniques to relieve pain and relax your mind.

Laughter Therapy 
Find out what laughter can do for You.

Finding Arthritis Pain Relief  
Consider Your Options for Arthritis Pain

Find Osteoporosis Treatment before Your Fracture 
Think about your treatment options before the pain starts.

TENS unit for Pain 
These units are a safe and convenient way to effectively treat pain. Learn more today.

Shingles Pain must be Treated Immediately 
Find out what you need to do and find out Why.

The Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment 
Start fixing your frozen shoulder today.

Herniated Disc Treatment Index

Ch1 The Best Herniated Disc Treatment 
     for You will Depend on Your Symptoms

Ch2 The Best Exercise for a Herniated Disc

Ch3 Medications to Treat
Your Herniated Disc

Ch4 Stronger Medications

Ch5 Medication Side Effects and Risks
that must be Managed

Ch6 Injection Therapies
for a Herniated Disc

Ch7 Surgical Treatments for 
Your Herniated Disc

Surgical Treatments

Spinal Fusion Risks and Benefits 
Learn more before you agree to any type of surgery.

Is Spinal Fusion Surgery the Best Option for You? 
Understand what the other possible treatments are before you have a spinal fusion.

Back Surgery 
Weighing the Risks and Understanding the Benefits

Injection Therapies

Will Back Pain Injections Help Me? 
Injection therapies are not for everyone. Find out if you might be a candidate.

Botox for Back Pain 
Not just for cosmetics, botox can be used to prevent painful muscle spasms and other undesirable muscle activity.

Acupuncture for Back Pain 
This has been used for thousands of years to treat pain. Discover what's so great.

Cortisone Injections 
Relieve Arthritis Pain and Much More

Stem Cell Treatment Shows Promise 
There are risks but this exciting new treatment shows great promise for relieving back pain.

Inversion Therapies

How Do Inversion Tables Work? 
Discover how and why inversion tables are a safe and effective way to control your back pain. 

How Do Inversion Tables Work? Ch2 
More Information About Lumbar Traction

The Best Inversion Table Reviews 
Learn more specifics about inversion tables and find out which one will work best for you.

LifeGear Inversion Table Report 
Get the details on this ruggedly built and economically priced model.

Discover The Stamina Inversion Table Today
This unit has a mesh bed that allows air flow and adds to the comfort and enjoyment of inversion therapy.

Is A Teeter Inversion Table Right For You?
Teeter HangUps are designed to add value by safely allowing passive and active inversion therapies.

Owning A LifeGear Inversion Table 
Find out why this table and this treatment is so popular. Read the reports of satisfied users.

A Brief History of Marijuana

How does Medical Marijuana Work?

Marijuana Risks and Other Problems

Should I Use Medical Marijuana?

Synthetic Marijuana is Dangerous

Cannabis is a Health Food too

Top Exercises for Back Pain Ch2 
Understanding why exercises help to relieve your back pain.

Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Learn Pilates for Back Pain

Low Back Pain Exercises Ch 1 
Get an Attitude!!

Low Back Pain Exercises Ch 2 
Improve your posture to ease your pain.

Low Back Pain Exercises Ch 3 
Strengthen your core to prevent injury.

Exercises for Low Back Pain
These "Others" can be Helpful Too

Understanding Your Sciatica and Pregnancy

Holistic Ways of Coping With 
Sciatica During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Sciatica

Low Back Pain Exercises

Early Pregnancy Back Pain

Postpartum Back Pain Causes and What You Can Do

Coping with Pregnancy Sciatica 

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Ch 2 
Developing a treatment plan.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms  
Understanding your symptoms

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms Ch2 
Watch for these red flags.

Finding Spinal Stenosis Relief

Understand and Stop Spinal Stenosis Pain

Are You Considering Spinal Stenosis Surgery?

Kidney Back Pain Ch 2
Infections and low back pain.

Kidney Pain and Back Pain can be Very Similar
Knowing What to Do can be Very Difficult

Learn your Kidney Location 
Is that where Your Pain is?

Understanding Your Kidney Pain Location

Kidney Stones

Can You Really Dissolve Kidney Stones?

Recognizing Early Kidney Stones Symptoms

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones?

Learn how to Limit Them or Completely Avoid Them

Stop Kidney Stones Back Pain

Understanding Your Kidney Stone Symptoms    

Kidney Stone Symptoms Ch 2 
How kidney stones form.

Kidney Stone Symptoms Ch 3 
Evaluate and treat your kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Prevention? Yes You Can

Kidney Infection

Recognize Kidney Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of a Kidney Infection in Women

Symptoms of a Kidney Infection Ch 2 
More serious symptoms of kidney infection in women.

Kidney Disease

Early Kidney Cancer Treatment

Bloody Urine and Back Pain

Serious Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer

Renal Failure Symptoms may be Subtle

Important Warning Symptoms Of Kidney Disease

Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Dangerous Symptoms Of Kidney Failure

Common Symptoms of Kidney Problems Include Back Pain

Earliest Symptoms Of Kidney Disease

Of Kidney Disease Symptoms Pain Is The Most Common

Managing Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney Failure Symptoms

Sciatica Nerve Pain 

What is Sciatica?

Lower Back Hip Pain

Piriformis Sciatica

Sciatica Causes

Hip and Lower Back Pain

Lumbar Spine Anatomy Ch 2
Your intervertebral discs

Lumbar Spine Anatomy Ch 3
Your spinal cord and nerves

What is a Nerve Block?  What does it do?
How can it help Me?

What is a Nerve Block? Ch2
Nerve Blocks for Surgery

What is a Nerve Block? Ch3
Blocks with Radio Frequency Ablation

Your Pinched Nerve and What Causes It

Your Pinched Nerve Ch 2

The Best Pinched Nerve Treatment 
finds the easiest way to Relieve the Pinch

Pinched Nerve Treatment Ch2 
When Surgery may be Necessary

Neuralgia Treatment Stops Pain

Common Types of Neuralgia

Post Herpetic Neuralgia
and What You can Do

Occipital Nerve Pain 

Neuropathic Pain Facts 

Varicella Zoster and Antiviral Medications

Shingles Vaccine? Should You?

What is Intercostal Neuralgia(ICN)?

What is Intercostal Neuralgia? Ch 2
ICN Treatments

Words of Wisdom
Advice from professionals

Lynda Lippin 
a leader in the world of Pilates.

Dr James Gray 
from Gray Chiropractic and Natural Health Care.

Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT 
blends massage therapy and Sufi healing techniques.

Owen Marcus 
is a Certified Advanced Rolfer.

Dr Richard Guyer 
is a spine surgeon. 

Major Causes of Back Pain Ch 2
When Pain Does Not Improve With A Few Days Of Rest

Upper Back Pain

Stop Upper Back Muscle Pain 
This type of pain may be common but it need not ruin the recreational activities that you enjoy. Click here to learn how to manage and avoid this miserable problem.

Stop Upper Back Muscle Pain Ch 2
Most Common Causes of Upper Back Muscle Pain 

Stop Upper Back Muscle Pain Ch 3
Myofascial Pain

Cure Burning Upper Back Pain 
with easy exercises and simple ergonomic changes. Understanding burning upper back pain and what it means.

Cure Burning Upper Back Pain Ch2
Make simple ergonomic changes.

Is Your Upper Back Pain From Your Lungs? 
Find out how you can tell, and what you can do to relieve your pain.

Understanding your Lungs and Back Pain  
Are Your Lungs and Back Pain Related? Back pain that occurs with breathing may not be from your lungs. Find out why.

Understanding your Lungs and Back Pain Ch 2 Determining A Diagnosis

Lung Cancer and Back Pain 
may indicate a more serious problem. Understand your symptoms by learning more.

Your Lung Pain may not be Serious 
Information about types of lung pain that are not lung cancer.

Thoracic Back Pain 
is most Commonly Muscle Pain

Thoracic Back Pain Ch2
Treatments for Myofascial Pain

Thoracic Back Pain Ch3
When Home Treatments Don't Work 

Thoracic Back Pain Ch 4
Other Possible Causes to Consider

What is a Winged Scapula? 
What can I do about it? Get the details here and learn how to treat this annoying problem. 

Ch 2 What Causes A Winged Scapula? 
What Causes a winged scapula?

Ch 3 You Can Correct Your Winged Scapula
You can correct your winged scapula.

Fix Your Scapula Pain 
by learning the correct exercises to balance certain muscle groups and improve scapular motion.

Shoulder Blade Pain 
Is it really coming from your scapula? Or is something else going on? Find out what you need to know.

Heal Your Trapezius Strain
and Protect Yourself from Recurrent Pain
The anatomy and trapezius strain relief. Easy ergonomic changes and simple exercises can stop your pain and prevent it from happening again. 

Heal Your Trapezius Strain Ch 2 
Exercises for trapezius strain relief.

Trapezius Muscle Pain in Women 
Why trapezius muscle pain is more common in women. 

Trapezius Muscle Pain in Women Ch 2  
Treating trapezius muscle pain in women. 

Rotator Cuff Injury? How did this Happen? 
A minor injury that is not identified and treated correctly can evolve into a major injury and permanent disability. Learn the facts.

Your Compression Fracture and Osteoporosis 
Evaluate and Understand your fracture risk.

Post Herpetic Neuralgia and What You can Do 
Learn your treatment options and what can be done for this common complication of shingles.

Occipital Neuralgia 
may cause pain in the back of your neck and head.

Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower Back Pain Ch 1
An Overview

Causes of Lower Back Pain Ch 2
The most Common Causes

Herniated Disc Facts Ch1
Understanding the Anatomy

Herniated Disc Facts Ch2
Activities that Increase Your Risk

Herniated Disc Facts Ch3
What happens when a Disc Herniates?

Herniated Disc Facts Ch4
When Pressing on a Nerve Causes more than Pain

Herniated Disc Facts Ch5
Degenerative Disc Disease

Is a Tarlov Cyst  
causing your discomfort?

What Are Causes Of Lower Back Pain? 
Learn how to recognize some of the more serious possibilities.

The Lumbar Spine Anatomy
Shows What is Causing Your Pain
It is the key to understanding the causes of back pain.

Low Back Pain Causes: 
The Most Serious And The Most Common
Discover how you can decide when you need to see a doctor, and when it is safe to "give it a few days".

Back Pain on your Lower Right Side 
may have serious complications. Find out what you need to know and what you need to do. 

Back Pain on your Lower Right Side Ch 2
auses unrelated to your back.

A Bulging Disc and What It Means.
Could a bulging disc be causing your pain. Learn more today.

Bulging Disc Treatments That Work.
Find out what you can do right now to start relieving your pain.

Lower Back Hip Pain 
may not be related to your hip at all. You can tell the difference with these simple maneuvers.

Evaluate Lower Back Pain and Fever 
These symptoms must not be ignored. Find out why, and what you must do to stop the pain.

Burning Back Pain? 
Find out why and find out what can be done. Stop the pain and return to living your life.

Mechanical Back Pain Causes 
This is the easiest "back pain" to relieve, but it will require discipline. Learn how to stop your pain. 

Mechanical Back Pain Ch 2 
Yes you can fix your pain. Learn the easiest ways to relieve your pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease and You
From a lifetime of activity

Discitis and What You Need to Know
This dangerous infection can be difficult
to recogize and treat.

Slipped Disk? What does that Mean?
Your intervertebral Discs do not slip.

Lower Right Back Pain 
The most Common Causes

Abdominal Causes of Back Pain

Constipation and Back Pain 
can each make the other worse, leading to a vicious cycle. Prepare to manage these conditions simultaneously.

Back and Abdominal Pain can be Relieved 
Learn more about the possible causes and what can be done to stop the pain. 

Back And Abdominal Pain Ch2 
Pain from a Fracture

Back And Abdominal Pain Ch3 
Pain from a virus.

Colon Cancer Back Pain cannot be ignored. Find out how to get the help you need to have the best possible outcome.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Coccydynia is Tailbone Pain
Try these simple home treatments.

Is Tension Myositis Syndrome Causing your Pain? 
Find out how stress and anxiety can cause real physical pain.

Sacroiliitis Information Causes and Treatments 
Sacroiliitis is an often misdiagnosed cause of back pain. Make sure your doctor checks for this common problem. 

Sacroiliitis Information Ch2
Autoimmune and degenerative possibilities

Spinal Infection 
Infection is a serious cause of back pain that requires serious treatment. Knowing the symptoms will help you know when to seek treatment. 

Spinal Infection Ch 2 
Evaluation and Treatment 

Cauda Equina Syndrome 
is a serious complication that can occur anytime you have back pain and sciatica.

Causes of Back Pain after Surgery 
can be complicated, overlapping, and difficult to understand. But, understanding is not impossible, let me explain.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 
can be treated, but you should always start with the most conservative and least invasive therapies.

Chronic Pain and Depression 
are connected and they need to be treated together.

Chronic Back Pain 
can be managed.

Sciatica Symptoms and Treatments Ch 2
The causes of radiculopathy.

Treat Your Sciatica

Sciatica Causes are Variable,
But they all have One Thing in Common

Do You Truly have Symptoms of Sciatica? 
Could Your Pain be something Different?

Considering Treatment for Sciatica 
The treatment for your sciatica must address the cause of your sciatica

Sciatica Home Treatment 
Simple and effective treatments that you can do at home to relieve your sciatica.

Sciatica Treatments 
In some cases your sciatica may require more complicated and invasive treatments.

Causes of Sciatica 
Understanding what causes your sciatica can help you decide what to do.

Sciatica Therapy 
Discussing the most common ways to treat sciatica along with a few that you have never heard of.

Exercises For Sciatica

Exercises for Sciatica 
Do you really have sciatica? These exercises can help you find out.

Easy Exercises for Sciatica 
These videos demonstrate easy exercises that you can do at home.

Why Sciatica Exercises for Women are Different 
Women are built different than men, and these are the exercises that will help women treat their sciatica.

Sciatica Exercises Begin with Stretching
Stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, and general conditioning exercises for sciatica, they are all covered here. 

Sciatica Exercises Ch 2 
"Strengthening" and "General conditioning"

Stretches can Cure Sciatica

Sciatica Stretches 
Sciatica stretches can be useful for managing your sciatica especially when combined with these other holistic pain management techniques.

Stretches for Sciatica 
These stretches can help you determine what is causing your sciatica.

Piriformis Syndrome Explained 

Understanding the cause it the key to finding relief.

What is Piriformis Sciatica?
Discover how and why stretching before exercise can prevent the pain of piriformis sciatica. 

Piriformis Sciatica Ch 2
Treatment Protocols for Piriformis Sciatica

How to Perform a Piriformis Stretch 
Stretching the piriformis muscle can relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Other Useful Treatments For Sciatica

Home Remedies for Sciatica
Simple Treatments You can do at Home

Home Remedies for Sciatica Ch2
•Stretching and Strengthening

Useful Massages For Sciatica 
Learn how a good massage can relieve the misery of sciatica and read about a technique for self massage.

Acupuncture for Sciatica 
Acupuncture has been used to relieve pain for thousands of years, find out why.

Treat Sciatica with Yoga 
Discover how you can use a combination of exercise, breathing, and meditation to control pain and improve health.

Yoga for Sciatica 
Try these poses to help relieve sciatica.

Cauda Equina Syndrome 
Everyone should be aware of this possible complication of sciatica.

Acetylcholine and Unintended Consequences

Norepinephrine ( or Noradrenaline)

Neurotransmitters Ch 2
How Neurotransmitters (and Medications)
Cause Side Effects

Epinephrine is What Adrenaline Junkies Crave

Agmatine, almost a Neurotransmitter

The Autonomic Nervous System is Your Natural Pain Management System

Your Parasympathetic Nervous System Really can control Your Pain (If You will Let It)

Your Sympathetic Nervous System can make Your Pain Worse

Substance P and Your "Pain Experience"

Melatonin for Pain? 

Aspartate and the Pain You Feel

Finding Arthritis Pain Relief 

Arthritis Symptoms include 
Pain, Stiffness, and Swelling

Knowing the Causes of Arthritis 
Will help You Find the Best Treatment

Degenerative Joint Disease 
The Wear and Tear type of Arthritis

Degenerative Joint Disease Ch2
Joint Pain Treatments

Knee Pain? 
Is it Knee Arthritis?

Knee Arthritis Ch 2
Knee Pain Treatments

Knee Arthritis Ch 3
Treatment with a Knee Replacement

Rheumatoid Arthritis 
is an Autoimmune Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch 2
Diagnosing RA

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch 3
First Line Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch4
RA Treatment with DMARDs

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch5
RA Treatment with Biologics

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ch 6
RA Treatment with Steroids

Ankylosing Spondylitis 
is an Autoimmune Disease

Gout is Joint Pain 
due to Crystals in the Joint

Traumatic Arthritis
is still Arthritis

Reactive Arthritis is an Autoimmune Disease



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