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The most common causes of low back pain include poor posture and myofascial or muscle pain. In people over 40 years old, osteoarthritis in the facet joints and Degenerative Disc Disease is often seen. 

In people under 40 years old bulging and/or herniated discs are more common. Lower back with sciatica (pain that radiates into your buttocks or the back of your thighs) is often related to pressure on spinal nerves or irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Strong and Flexible

Designed with flexible steel supports to stabilize your lumbar spine.  

It has an additional removable lumbar support and dual elastic tension straps to give you the perfect fit.

Double layer design with adjustable compression for your abdomen and lumbar spine.

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Accupressure and Acupuncture

Accupressure and Acupuncture have been used for thousands of years.

Oriental medicine is not well understood by western doctors. But, just because they cannot explain it, does not mean that it does not work. 

Stimulate Your Endorphins
(Your Own Pain Medicine)

Acupressure mats with thousands of tiny spikes that stimulate the skin are effective for myalgias or muscle pain, myofascial pain and pain from tender trigger points. 

Relief when Sitting

This high density memory foam pillow will relieve pressure on your coccyx and sciatic nerves. 

It relieves low back pain by stabilizing your pelvis and correcting your lumbar posture. 

Easy to Use and Take Along

It has a zippered machine washable velour cover with a carrying handle that makes it easy to take along  wherever you go.

Use on hard surfaces like bleachers, or on airplanes, wheelchairs, rocking chairs or kitchen chairs. 

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease is common in people over the age of 40 and is a common cause of low back pain.

The pain of degenerative discs will not radiate into your buttocks or legs. 

How is Your Diet??

Very few of us are able to eat as healthy as we would like.

This supplement has it all with ingredients from 42 Raw Fruits and Vegetables. Dark Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue and Red. 

Made from whole foods. Not synthetic. 

Also has Plant-Based Enzymes and Probiotics to support smooth Digestion. 

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Reverses the Forces of Gravity

Many of the common causes of lower back pain will also cause pain radiating into your buttocks and posterior thighs.

This is because as different parts of your spine age they can put pressure on sensitive spinal nerves. 

Common Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapists often treat this with lumbar traction or gently stretching the lumbar spine.

This will separate the vertebra and pull more fluid into the discs. 

Opens Up the Spaces

Separating the vertebra will open up the space for the nerves and relieve the pain radiating into your lower extremities. 

Pulling fluid into the discs will help keep the vertebra separated.

When you stop the treatment gravity will start pulling the vertebra together again. But, with daily use fluid will get pulled deeper into the disc and your relief will last longer. 

Lumbar traction will also relieve the pressure on arthritic joints that cause low back pain. This relief can also be more long lasting with regular use. 

Heat and Massage

4 rotating balls dig deep into tired muscles simulating the hands of a real masseuse.  

Use it on your low back or
your neck and shoulders.  

It is easy to position exactly where you need it to relieve aches and pains, tension and tender trigger points.

Conveniently uses AC or DC power for use in the home, office or in the car. 

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Low Back Stretchers

Lower back stretchers work in several different ways to relieve multiple causes of low back pain. 

Uncomplicated arched units that you simply lay on will gently push your lumbar spine into the correct alignment while they gently distract or stretch the disc spaces. 

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Slotted to target the muscles of your low back and arched to restore your lumbar lordosis.

Adjustable arch allows you to gradually increase the relief over time. 

Can be used sitting or lying.

Stretches your spine while relieving muscle tension. Durable and lightweight makes it easy to take wherever you go. 

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Arthritic Joints

At every level of your spine the vertebra are connected to each other by facet joints. As we age these joints become worn and develop arthritis. 

Worn joints allow abnormal motion and pain. Wrap-around support braces can stabilize your lumbar spine and stop your pain. 

Everyone is not the same. 

Braces with removable pads will allow you to customize the fit for your particular situation. Also, what feels the best can change from day to day.  

A wrap-around style with elasticity will also allow you to make it as tight, or as loose as is comfortable for you at the time.

Avoid lumbar braces and corsetts that are too rigid without adjustments. 

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Stimulates the skin and EFFECTIVELY induces a state of complete relaxation while reducing aches, pain, stress and tension.

Stimulate the release of endorphins that reduce your perception of pain.

Stimulates Your Endorphins

Endorphins are responsible for the "runner's high" that marathoners talk about.  

They trigger a positive feeling in your body, similar to that of morphine.

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The Gateway Theory of Pain

The Gateway Theory of Pain states that you can only feel one sensation at a time. That is why you rub your hand after slamming it in the car door. The sensation of rubbing blocks the sensation of pain. 

This is one theory that tries to explain why accupressure mats are so effective. 

Research has Shown

Some researchers believe that the skin stimulation from these thousands of little points blocks the sensation of pain. 

Restores Your Lumbar Curve

This memory foam pillow improves your posture and takes the pressure off of your arthritic joints. 

Comfortable in your car seat or your chair at work. Easy to remove zippered washable cover. 

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Poor Posture

Poor posture that forces the vertebra against each other will make the pain of degenerative discs more severe.

Worn cushions in your chair or carseat will tip your pelvis making this unavoidable. 

Correct Your Lumbar Posture

Orthopedic pillows or cushions give your pelvis a firm base. They will tip your pelvis forward restoring your natural (and correct) lumbar curve.

"Gently" Decompress 

This is a great way to apply lumbar traction without standing on your head.

Your feet are on the floor and you have complete control without risk of falling or exceeding what is comfortable.

You are in Complete Control

With your feet on the floor you can allow your back muscles to relax and "Gently" stretch your lower back.

 This takes the pressure off of sensitive facet joints and compressed nerves.

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Everybody understands the 
benefits of a good massage.

Add in a comfortable warmth and manipulating tight muscles will loosen up tender knots and relax tired muscles.

Tension from a long stressful day
at work will melt away

Home units are available that you can use whenever you need relief.  Can be used anywhere to relax and reinvigorate you.

These small units can be placed exactly where you need them.  

You control the pressure.  Push your massage as deep or as gentle as is comfortable.  It is up to you.

Same with the heat.  Adjustable from a gentle warmth to deep penetrating heat.


Stretch Your Lumbar Spine

Correct Your Lumbar Curve

Deep Massage Your Muscles

This compact system treats many different causes of lower back pain.

Effective for pain from degenerative discs, arthritic facet joints, myofascial pain and tender trigger points. 

With daily use it has the same benefits and chiropractic treatment saving you $$$. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Easy to Control

You can place small pillows or rolled up blankets above and below the stretcher to create as much or as little pressure as you need to find relief. 

They require no electricity and it is easy for you to control how much pressure is exerted.

Get What You Need

When you are in complete control you can avoid actions or stresses that make your pain worse. 

Systems that also have plastic or hard rubber knobs will also work on and massage the erector spinae and other muscle groups on your low back.

This will relieve myofascial pain and work on tender trigger points.