Medical Marijuana Ideas

Medical marijuana has cannabinoids that mimic your body's natural neurotransmitters and pain management system.

These products can help you manage your pain naturally.

Nothing works for everyone but you will never know what works for you if you never try anything new. 

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Cannabis Pharmacy:
The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana 

This comprehensive guide has it All.
The information that you need to make informed decisions. 

This author who is a respected authority explains in detail how MMJ works to control your pain naturally. 

He explores and explains 27 popular varieties.  How to identify them and which conditions they are most effective for.  Along with tips on preparation, storage, and dosages.

He also discusses many of the most common ailments for which medical marijuana as prescribed including chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson's disease.

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Aunt Sandy's 
Medical Marijuana Cookbook: 
Comfort Food for the Mind and Body

Sandy Moriarty, who is a professor at Oaksterdam University in Oakland Ca.  She has has pioneered training people to work in the medical marijuana industry and gives you all of the information you need.

This retro design will remind you of the classic Betty Crocker cookbook type of comfort food.  With these 40 easy to prepare recipes you will learn how to adjust potency and integrate medical marijuana into low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free options.

If you are serious about cooking with medical marijuana this is the guide you need.

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Cannabis Energy Drink Imported from Amsterdam
Contains Real Hemp Seed Extract

The One and Only Original Cannabis Energy Drink, Light (Sugar Free)

100% Legal Cannabis Energy Drink with no THC and no CBD. Will not get you "stoned".

Hey! There is 50mg of hemp seed oil is in each can. Caffeine 80mg which is a little less than a cup of coffee. 

Great Taste with the Boost You Need

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Organic Mushroom Farm from Back to the Roots

Grow gourmet, organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days! 

Comes complete with composted organic soil to grow your mushrooms.  Have your first crop in 10 days.  Also included are organic heirloom tomato seeds that you can grow in the same soil.

Comes with a link to where you can find a complete curriculum on growing mushrooms and mouthwatering mushroom recipes. 

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Marijuana Grower's Handbook
Your Complete Guide for
Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Grow your own marijuana for a fraction of the cost.

This book has in depth details on tools, and methods to grow great marijuana –indoors and out.

This will show you how to use the most efficient technology to save time, labor, and energy.

With 500 pages of full color photos and illustrations this guide will detail everything a novice grower needs to grow the biggest resinous buds possible. It also includes details on the latest scientific research that an experienced grower will appreciate. 

Ed Rosenthal has been teaching people how to grow marijuana for more than 30 years and he can show you how. 

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Marijuana Socks

5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Cotton High Socks (Mixed Colors) 

These socks are affordable and fun to wear.

Comfortable and durable.  People love the cute colors.

The ad says they ship random colors but if you add a note asking for certain colors they will try and accommodate your request.

 4.0 out of 5 stars    80 customer reviews

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Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent 
Indoor Seedling Plant Growing 

Metal Push-Lock Corners, 36 by 36 by 72-Inch, Water-Resistant. Removable Mylar Floor Tray Included

Heavy duty construction with a sturdy metal frame and a mylar floor tray.  

Fits perfectly into a corner of your spare bedroom or living room while protecting the floor and walls from water leaks and other damage.

It has a Reflective interior, along with Heavy duty zippers, and Double Stitching that protect against light leaks while still allowing easy access.  

This Marijuana Grow Tent is Perfect

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The Official High Times
Cannabis Cookbook:
More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes

by Editors of High Times Magazine (Author)

The first ever cookbook from "High Times" magazine.  This is the deliciously definitive guide to cooking with cannabis.  

50 great recipes divided into chapters with everything from classic pot brownies, to cocktails with cannabis, and the Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with marijuana marinade.

Also has chapters on cannabis-infused butters, oils and tinctures plus bonus mayonnaise and flour recipes, that show you how to incorporate cannabis into your own favorite recipes.

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