Effective Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Neuropathic pain or neuralgia is nerve pain that can make you miserable.  When you have regular pain, like pain from an injury or pain from arthritis, nerves only conduct the pain signals up to your brain.

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Electrical Stimulation

There are many different kinds of electrical stimulation that TENS units use and these affect the nerves and the pain signal in different ways.  

The engineers get involved in all kinds of technical jargon about "wave forms" and "pulse width" that they see on the electrical meters but what really matters is how it feels and if it works or not.

Portable TENS Relief

This small and easy to use unit is lightweight, portable and rechargeable for using on the go. 

It has 4 electrode pads that all connect to just one lead wire so it is easy to manage the single wire under your clothes.

Without all of the extra lead wires it is even simpler to use in public. 

Still Provides Great Relief

It has 8 preprogrammed modes and dual output design for treating 2 separate areas simultaneously.

Rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 10 hours between charges. 

Simple to Use

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Pain from the Nerve Itself

When you have neuropathic pain, this is pain that is coming from the nerve. The nerve is not conducting the pain signal. The nerve is causing the pain signal.

It is like the nerve itself is short circuited and causing the problem.

Effective Treatments for Neuralgia

The most effective treatments for neuralgia involve things that affect the nerves.  

TENS units can be very effective for nerve pain because the electrical stimulation interrupts the pain signal to your brain.

Professional grade TENS 7000

Easy to use portable unit. This is a complete kit with lead wires and electrode patches, 9volt battery, TENS Manual and carrying case. 

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Finding the Best TENS Unit

The best TENS unit to use for pain will have a selection of different modes that you can use because pain is a moving target, especially nerve pain.

Use the different settings to find what works best for You!!

The different settings will give you different levels of penetration and different kinds of effects on the nerves.

 This will give you different options so that you can find what works best for you and your particular situation.

Everyone is different and
there is no "one size fits all".

You also need a way to adjust the intensity, so that you can make the electrical stimulation that you feel stronger or weaker.  

It is not always the strongest stimulation that you can tolerate that works the best for blocking the pain.

Effective Treatment

Scientific studies have shown that TENS therapy is effective for the treatment of chronic pain. 

It will also increase blood flow, reduce swelling and speed healing of acute injuries.

Medications Specifically for Nerve Pain

Some of the best treatments for neuralgia involve medications that you can apply directly to the skin so that they will penetrate directly into the nerve.

Some of these have an anti inflammatory effect that stops nerve pain by blocking inflammation.

Nerves are Sensitive

Nerves are sensitive structures. Inflammation from any source can cause a chemical irritation of the nerves leading to nerve pain.

Inflammation can come from sore muscles, arthritic joints or any type of injury. 

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Neuropathic  and/or Nociceptive

And, it is not always evenly divided 50% of one and 50% of the other.

Some conditions, like shingles or trigeminal neuralgia, will cause a higher percentage of nerve pain.

2 Types of Pain

While other situations, like an injury or arthritis, will generate pain from the pain receptors. 

So, what you need is more than one type of treatment to relieve both types of pain. Or, one type of treatment that will relieve both neuropathic and nociceptive pain. 

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Irritated Nerves.

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Effective Nerve Pain Medicine

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Multiple Types of Pain

Often the pain that you feel may be multiple types of pain. 

Pain from the pain receptors is called nociceptive pain. This could be pain from an injury or arthritis or many other common causes of pain. 

Neuropathic  and/or Nociceptive

Pain from the nerves is neuropathic pain or neuralgia. This is often why many treatments only help "a little bit".

It is because they only affect one type of pain when the pain that most people experience is usually some combination of neuropathic pain and nociceptive pain. 

Manuka Honey and Cehami

Quickly relieve the burning stinging pain of Shingles. Developed and formulated specifically for nerve pain.

This all organic preparation is loaded with New Zealand Manuka Honey which several studies have shown to effectively eliminate the shingles virus.

All Natural and Organic

Made with natural and organic ingredients like organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Coconut oil, Blue Green Algae, vitamins, minerals.

It also contains Cehami, which a botanical extract from a member of the Daisy family that is found in the Australian outback.  

Cehami is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It soothes irritated nerve membranes. 

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Topical treatments that you apply directly to the painful area will often have anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce painful inflammation but it also reduces the neuropathic component of what you are feeling by reducing the irritation to the nerves.

As I said, nerves are sensitive structures that are susceptible injuries that will cause nerve pain.

Things like chemical irritation from inflammation, pressure from swelling, stretching from exercising, viruses like shingles and many others can all cause nerve pain that requires a special treatment directed specifically at the nerve. 

Interrupt or Block the Pain Signal

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This stuff is amazing. It works for pains that other treatments have not touched.  It is natural, safe and effective with no known side effects or drug interactions. 

The active ingredient is capsaicin, a known and proven pain reliever. 

Stimulate the Skin

Some scientists think that the sensation you feel when you apply capsaicin or stimulate the skin with accupressure, it blocks the nerve pain of things like shingles and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can also work for arthritis pain but arthritis pain is a nociceptive pain(pain from the pain receptors) but the same theory applies. 

Some people think that accupressure and capsaicin are more effective for neuralgia. 

Natural Stone Therapy

This mat has real jade stones that create far-infrared heat and negative ions to reduce pain and promote relaxation. 

Easy to operate Smart Digital Controller with temperature, time, automatic shut-off and memory function. It allows you to relax and drift off into a pleasant deep sleep. 

110 or 220 volt AC 

Solid but flexible construction allows you to lay on it or wrap it around the painful area or limb.

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The Gateway Theory of Pain

The Gateway Theory of Pain states that you can only feel one pain at a time.

That is why you rub your hand after slamming it in the car door.

Interrupt the Pain Signal

The sensation of rubbing interrupts the pain signal. You feel the rubbing and not the pain from your hand. 

This is one of the theories that tries to explain why TENS units work. 

Beware the Imitators

Accupressure has been used for thousands of years to promote relaxation. 

This mat and neck roll have over 6,000 accupressure points that vitalize the skin and stimulate the release of endorphins for fast effective relief of pain. 

It Really is Like Magic

Like magic it induces a state of relaxation that reduces your blood pressure while improving your mood and circulation. All without risk of side effects or drug interactions.  

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The Magic of Endorphins

Another theory contends that things like capsaicin and accupressure mats relieve pain by stimulating the release of endorphins. 

Endorphins are those magic little molecules that relieve pain and give marathon runners the "runner's high".

The "Runner's High"

Endorphins are released by your central nervous system and by your pituitary when you exercise, laugh and have sex.

Other things that stimulate your endorphin production include eating chocolate, eating spicy foods and listening to certain types of music. 

Similar to Morphine

These molecules activate the same receptors as morphine. They relieve pain and cause a mild euphoria.

Studies have shown that stimulating your skin, such as with accupressure mats or by applying capsaicin ointment can also release endorphins to relieve pain.