Stop Pain during Pregnancy

Pain during pregnancy is a common problem and it comes in many forms.  Pelvic pain during pregnancy, pregnancy back pain, sciatica during pregnancy, and many more.  One or another of these has been experienced by just about every woman that has ever given birth.

Knowing that it is a common problem, and that it will not last forever can make it a little easier to tolerate, but it does not make you any more comfortable.

When considering ways to stop pain during pregnancy the health of your unborn child must be your first consideration.  

Unfortunately, this rules out many of our standard ways of treating pain, but there are still things that can be done.

There are many different reasons for your back pain and sciatica.  Hormonal changes, the weight of your unborn child and the direct pressure on your pelvis and spine.  

Any anxiety and/or depression you may be experiencing can also contribute to your discomfort.

Relieving your discomfort can be complicated because we do not want to do anything to harm your baby.  So that eliminates most medicines that you would normally take for back pain.

Lumbar supports that are specially made to accommodate your growing tummy can be very effective for relieving back pain.

 Specially made cushions and pads that support the weight of your belly are helpful in certain positions.

Special devices known as reachers or grabbers can effectively lengthen your arm and help you avoid bending and lifting when doing your housework.

Lumbar cushions can help support your low back when sitting at home or driving your car.

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

The same hormones that cause pregnancy back pain can also cause pelvic pain and for the same reasons.  

They may the ligaments soft and strategy so that your bones and abdominal organs can accommodate your growing uterus.

Whenever what you're feeling changes it is important to discuss it with your obstetrician.

If after his evaluation he tells you that everything is normal you can move on and quit worrying about it.  

However, you still need to find
ways to manage your pain.

Maternity Belt - Pregnancy Lumbar Belly Support Brace - Helps Back & Pelvic Pain (XXL)

With 2 straps to prevent riding up or sliding down this will support your growing tummy and your low back. 

Cotton and elastic construction is washable, lightweight and easy to use. 

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AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, One Size, Beige

This comfortable abdominal binder made from washable and breathable fabric is easy to wear and care for. 

It supports your growing tummy and takes the prevents low back pain. 

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Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow - Great for pains of Hip, Leg, Knee, Back and Pregnancy - Memory Foam Wedge Leg Pillow with Washable Cover(Grey)

This convenient pillow fits between your knees to realign your hips and spine relieving sciatica, low back pain, hip pain and more.

Memory Foam Pillow and the cover is machine  washable. Simple to use and
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Pregnancy Pillow, Full Body Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Lavish Home, Hypoallergenic Body Pillow with Full Back Support and Pain Relief

This specially contoured "Pregnancy Pillow" is designed to fit you perfectly.

It can be repositioned into the perfect nursing pillow to support your new baby and your back. 

The zippered removable cover is machine washable and hypoallergenic. 

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