Sciatica Home Treatment Works

Sciatica and Sciatic Pain can be a horrible problem to live with. Fortunately, there are simple sciatica treatments that you can do at home to get you back in the game.

Nerve Pain is Different

Sciatica is a type of neuropathic pain or nerve pain. Neuropathic pain is different from regular pain or arthritis pain.

It has its own special kind of feeling that some people describe as being kind of like a toothache. 

Other people describe it as a burning cold numbness or an electrical kind of sensation. It is normally felt in one or both buttocks and runs down the back of one or both thighs. 

Better or Worse in Certain Positions

In some people it can radiate all the way down into the lower leg and into their foot and toes. 

It may be worse with walking and better with sitting. 

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Decompression Devices

Inversion tables and hanging harnesses place traction or stretch on your lumbar spine.

This opens up the little openings where nerves pass out of the spinal canal.

When used regularly they can draw more water into the discs between  the vertebra.  This opens up the space for the nerves and also helps to treat degenerative disc disease.

Reverses Gravity

Easy to control gentle stretch for your lumbar spine. Increases disc height and relieves pressure on sensitive nerves.

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Learning more about sciatica and sciatica treatments will help you to understand exactly what is causing your pain.

And, how little changes in your posture and other activities can make a big difference.

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Sciatic nerve pain is
very difficult to treat.

However, anything that takes the pressure off of the sciatic nerve, or prevents irritation of the sciatic nerve will help reduce the pain of sciatica. 

There may also be many other types of sensations including weakness, numbness and/or tingling. 


Braces that stabilize your hip and low back can help to prevent irritation of the sciatic nerve as it passes through your buck and the back of your thigh.

Foam Pads for Sitting 

Specially designed supports that fit between your knees can correct misalignment of your pelvis and lumbar spine when you are lying in bed.  

These can help to take the pressure off of your sciatic nerve.

Uniquely constructed seat pads with special openings make sure your weight is on your "sit bones" and not on your sciatic nerve.

Restores spinal alignment when sitting in the home, office or in your car. 

Relieving pressure on sensitive nerves and muscles to reduce pain.

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  TENS Units

Electrical stimulation with a TENS unit is always a good way to treat neuropathic pain.  The little stick on pads can be placed exactly where you feel the pain and the bigger pads can be used to cover bigger areas.

Electrical Stimulation is best for neuropathic pain like sciatica. 

Fully automated with clearly labeled buttons for all of the body parts that you are targeting. 

Easy to see readout for setting and time left in the cycle.

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