Serious Spinal Stenosis Symptoms
Weakness, Numbness, Or Incontinence

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Mild weakness can be another of the spinal stenosis symptoms that are often regarded as part of the aging process. You may disregard it because you don't exercise anymore, or you don't walk that much anymore, and deconditioning can make you not as strong as you used to be.

"you are experiencing lower extremity weakness"

But, if it is difficult for you to walk up a few steps or rise from a chair without using your arms, you are experiencing leg weakness, which can be a symptom of spinal stenosis.






"unexplained difficulty controlling your bowels and bladder"

Problems with your bowels and bladder may also be spinal stenosis symptoms. Certainly there are many things that can cause problems with your bowels and bladder. You may have weakness and difficulty controlling these as complications of surgery or because of other medical problems you have.

But, if you begin having unexplained difficulty controlling your bowels and bladder you need to see your doctor and be evaluated these can be symptoms of spinal stenosis.

This may begin as, trouble holding your urine or holding your bowel movements until you get to the bathroom, or you may have inability to empty your bladder or move your bowels. Both can be signs of spinal stenosis.

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Watch for Spinal Stenosis Symptoms that are getting Worse

"numbness of the skin around your rectum or genitals"

If you notice any numbness of the skin around your rectum or genitals, when cleaning yourself, these can be signs of spinal stenosis.

Any of these stenosis symptoms may develop so gradually that you barely notice, but sometimes changes can develop suddenly. If you begin having progressive lower extremity weakness or suddenly began having problems with your bowels and bladder you need to see your doctor immediately. These are signs of cauda equina syndrome which is an emergency that must be treated quickly and effectively to avoid permanent injury or impairment.

"suddenly it takes a great effort"

If you notice that suddenly it takes a great effort to walk up your front steps, or if you suddenly begin soiling your pants, or you can no longer walk out to get the mail because of pain, you need to make an appointment with your doctor.

Do not delay because you think you may need surgery. There are many different things that can be done, and no one can force you to have surgery, if that is something that you do not want to do.

Your doctor will examine you and order the appropriate tests to find a diagnosis. When you understand your diagnosis and symptoms you can make the appropriate decisions regarding what needs to be done.

"Do not accept these as signs of getting older..."

Do not accept these as signs of getting older; they may be spinal stenosis symptoms. There are spinal stenosis treatments and things that can be done to relieve the spinal stenosis pain.

There is little that we can do about getting older, but we must do all we can to prevent becoming incapacitated.



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